Eleventh IOS Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Prof. Dr. Syed Khalid Rashid

Eleventh IOS Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Prof. Dr. Syed Khalid Rashid

New Delhi: The Eleventh IOS Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously conferred on the former professor of law, International Islamic University, Malaysia Prof. Dr. Syed Khalid Rashid was presented to his son, Hamid Rashid, at an impressive ceremony organised by the Institute of Objective Studies at Hall-2, Convention Centre, Jamia Hamdard here on March 2, 2024.

The function began with the recitation of a Quranic verse by Maulana Adnan Ahmad Nadwi.

In his welcome address, the secretary general of the Institute, Prof. Z.M. Khan, said that Prof. Syed Khalid Rashid was an internationally known personality. He was a noble soul and a committed scholar. Referring to IOS, he observed that it had completed 38 years of its existence. It’s Chairman, Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam worked hard to sustain the Institute by engaging in on the issues concerning Dalits, depressed sections and minorities by way of researches, seminars, symposia and conferences. He said that at the Institute, the topics for research in various areas were selected by a committee of experts. The projects selected by the committee are financed by the Institute. He held that the Institute had maintained a well-equipped data bank to cater to its own needs, besides the needs of researchers and organisations. It might be recalled that about 30 per cent data of the Sachar Committee Report was provided by the Institute. Even during the hearing of the case relating to Awqaf in the Supreme Court, data from the IOS data bank were sought. He said the publication of books and regular journal was another feature of the activities of the Institute. Besides, the Institute had been regularly organising seminars and conferences at the local, national and international level. He held that an Arabian scholar, during his visit to the IOS once said that he was thrilled to see the activities of the Institute. In order to understand and seek solution to the regional problems, several chapters in different towns in India were put in place. He noted that the Institute awarded a limited number of scholarships to the deserving scholars pursuing doctoral and post-doctoral research. The IOS also published an annual calendar which was very popular among the readers, he added.

Former radio journalist S.M. Shafiq, read out the citation which described Prof. Rashid as a scholar of the international repute.
Registrar of Jamia Hamdard, Dr. M.A. Sikandar, presented the scroll of honour to Mr. Hamid Rashid, son of late Prof. Syd Khalid Rashid. The scroll read,  “An educationist par excellence, an institution-builder, a researcher-writer whose innumerable works have stood the tests of time, Prof. Dr. Syed Khalid Rashid had adorned the world of academia in India, Nigeria and Malaysia for over six-long decades. His in-depth knowledge of Islamic laws, especially waqf administration, places him in a unique position of authority as he worked tirelessly and lived his entire life upholding the righteous traditions of the Holy Qur’an. 
“Today, the Institute of Objective Studies is privileged to be honouring Prof. Dr. Syed Khalid Rashid with the prestigious Eleventh IOS Lifetime Achievement Award for being an inspiration for our society…” Prof. Dr. Syed Khalid Rashid as a scholar professor was neither confined to the class-room nor to the conference rooms around the world. As the editor of prestigious journals, he was able to institutionalise the process of knowledge creation, dissemination and providing new inspiration for the future generations”.
The Vice-Chairman of the IOS, Prof. M. Afzal Wani presented a cheque worth Rs. 1 Lakh to Hamid Rashid as the amount of the award. Prof. Z.M. Khan presented a Memento to him and his sister.
Addressing the function, the former Union minister for minority affairs, Mr. K. Rahman Khan, observed that Dr. Syed Khalid Rashid was an expert on Muslim Law, particularly Indian Muslim law and the administrative law, and contributed a number of articles on the subject. Referring to the contribution of IOS Chairman, Dr. M. Manzoor Alam, he said that the books published by the Institute earned international acclaim. He held that Muslims owned biggest waqf properties in the world. But they were not being properly administered. He said that the Waqf Act, 1995 had several lacunae and in order to rectify them, several amendments were made during his tenure as minister of awqaf at the Centre. Waqf property was important because it belonged to Allah. Muslims had a duty to properly manage waqf properties and spend on the welfare of the community. Expressing concern over the large-scale encroachments on waqf properties, he said that if nothing could be done to protect such properties, Muslims would be answerable to Allah. He averred that awqaf were the property and a trust of Allah. About 123 waqf properties of Delhi were given to the entities for other purposes. Efforts should be made to take those properties back, he added.
Chairman of the IOS, Dr. M. Manzoor Alam, in his speech which was read out by the secretary of the All India Milli Council, Shaikh Nizamuddin, said that the legacy of the IOS Lifetime Achievement Award had been rich, and this year too, the honour was being dedicated to some one whose phenomenal life and actions were nothing short of an inspiration. An educationist par excellence, an institution building, Prof. Syed Khalid Rashid invested too much of his talent and capabilities in producing innumerable works which enriched the academic in India, Nigeria and Malaysia for over six long decades. He said that as a teacher and scholar researcher, his trajectory was remarkable. From Aligarh Muslim University to Kurukshetra University in Haryana and back to his Alma Mater and then taking his scholarly wisdom to Nigeria and finally to Malaysia, proved his brilliance in various capacities as assistant professor, associate professor of law, dean of faculty and finally, head of the department of Islamic law which earned him an iconic status in family circles, neighbourhood, friends and community –  far and near”, he held.
The speech of the guest of honor, Dr. Mohd. Na’im Mokhtar, minister for religious affairs in the office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, was read out by Dr. Fazlur Rahman, fellow, Indian Council of World Affairs. In his address, Dr. Mokhtar said, “In a world that is constantly changing, I thought it is essential to recognise and celebrate the achievements of those who have risen above the challenges and have made a lasting difference to honour the best of the best, and to express our gratitude for their invaluable contributions. This year, as we cherished the Eleventh IOS Lifetime Achievement Award conferred upon (Late) Prof. Dr. Syed Khalid Rashid, former professor of law, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), for his extraordinary contributions in waqf laws and its management.
“This ceremony marks a special occasion for all of us, as it gives us an opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of Dr. Syed Khalid Rashid, applaud his contributions, and be inspired by his contribution of knowledge and services, especially in the field of waqf, which has greatly and positively affected and benefited many. The two of us have also continued and maintained the bonding of student-teacher relationship going on long after I left the university. I took any chance possible in between my busy schedule to visit him and prayed for his wellness. On my last visit to his home, as everyone knows the nature of Late Dr. Khalid Rashid as an exceptional professor and a generous teacher, and that even on his last days, as he was lying ill on his bed he never ceased to spare any chance to share his knowledge to others as he presented me with his precious book”.
Thanking the IOS for conferring its lifetime achievement award to his father, Mr. Hamid Rashid said that Prof. Syed Khalid Rashid had love for Islamic law. He spent 25 years in the IIUM. Awqaf was his first love on which he worked throughout his life. He published about 18 books on law and allied subjects. He said that his father donated the entire amount of the royalty on his books to waqf institutions. Though he lived in Malaysia for a long time, yet he never renounced his Indian citizenship. This is enough to prove his love for his native country. He had much respect for the renowned institution builder, Hakim Abdul Hameed Saheb, Hamid Rashid said. On this occasion, the revised edition of the book titled ‘Waqf Laws and Administration in India’ authored by Prof. Syed Khalid Rashid, and published by the Institute, was released. 
In his presidential remarks, Vice-Chairman of the IOS, Prof. M. Afzal Wani, said that he studied Prof. Syed Khalid Rashid’s books while doing law at the Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Describing Prof. Khalid as a true son of India, he noted that both he and Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam contributed to India by their valuable ideas. Today, India pays homage to Prof. Syed Khalid Rashid. He was not an ordinary person because he gave so much to the country. As an under-developed country, we do not give much importance to learning and knowledge. Referring to the great philosopher and thinker, Karl Marx, he said that though he was born in Germany, yet he spent his lifetime in London where he lies buried. He maintained that great jurists like Prof.  Khalid Rashid were born in India. It is the vision of Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam which brought scholars together. Laying stress on more research on Awqaf, he observed that unlike in 1960s, today it is easy to undertake research on waqf. Dr. Khalid’s works are relevant not only India, but also in the entire world. There is need for protection, proper management and development of Awqaf. Dr. Khalid edited IOS journal Religion and Law Review for 23 years, he added.
The function ended with the presentation of a vote of thanks by the assistant secretary general of the IOS, Prof. Haseena Hashia.
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