Scholarship for Madrasa Students Opting Social Sciences and Humanities (SMS)


This category of scholarship is meant for students and fellows hailing from madrasas to undertake identified courses in humanities and social sciences. Such recipients are expected to become well-verse with modern subjects, so that they may be able to come out with solutions, in the light of the Qur'an and the Sunnah, to various socio-economic problems of the contemporary world. Students in degree courses and beyond are selected under this category.

In addition to the above mentioned category, scholarship award has been extended to two new areas, "Peace Studies" and "Fiqh Studies". The scholarship for Peace Studies is given to the persons undergoing specially designed courses for promoting human values. The award for Fiqh Studies is intended to build up a team of Scholars who may able to provide solutions to the contemporary problems arising out of the technology development and the changing socio-economic conditions. In view of the growing effectiveness of the role of "Journalism/Mass Communication" in the world of today scholarships are also awarded to the prospective journalists having potential to develop a balanced impartial and enlightened view on different aspects.