Prof. (Dr.) M. Afzal Wani is a nationally prominent educator and researcher in Law. He is a former member of the Law Commission of India, Dean, University School of Law and Legal Studies, at campus law faculty of the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi. He has also served as member and chair of various University and Legal Aid Committees in Delhi.
A multifaceted scholar, academician and administrator, Prof. M.Afzal Wani is a visionary and leader in India's Legal fraternity in general and law teachers community in particular. A gold medallist in his masters degree in law, a Ph.D. in comparative jurisprudence and a long term senior researcher at the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi and inspiring academic leader, Prof. M. Afzal Wani has endowed 29 years of his career doing what he finds best for the nation and whole humanity and does that the best: inspiring students, academia, professionals, institutional heads, social activists and policy makers to raise their excellence to the next and the better level. Prof. Wani has contributed over 75 research papers and about a dozen of books to the field of law covering topical issues of human rights, constitutionalism, gender justice, child rights and workers rights.
Prof. Wani, joined the Indian Law Institute in January 2000, played a key role in introducing postgraduate advanced diploma programmes in new emerging areas of study: (1) Cyber Law, (2) Intellectual Property Rights Law, (3) Corporate Governance and Management Law, and (4) Human Rights Law.