IOS Condolence on the demise of Prof. Nafees Ahmad Siddiqui

IOS Condolence on the demise of Prof. Nafees Ahmad Siddiqui

The Institute of Objective Studies organized a condolence meeting on the sad demise of Prof. Nafees Ahmad Siddiqui (1935–2023) on January 25, 2023, at the Auditorium of the IOS Headquarters. After a brief ailment, Professor Siddiqui breathed his last on January 19, 2023.

The dignitaries who attended the condolence meeting at IOS Headquarters included notable academicians, late Prof. Siddiqui's peers, former colleagues, and associates on several developmental projects of national and international importance for educational and social transformation. Some of his students, whom he had mentored in his long academic and administration career, lauded his memorable roles.

He was a doyen of geography, an institution-builder and one of the select few professors of Delhi University whose irrefutable contributions to academics by reshaping Dayal Singh College, where he taught and later mentored as a principal, and his roles at Delhi School of Economics, remained at par. As a visionary academician and community thinker, the late Professor Siddiqui groomed many emerging scholars of his time to mark their impeccable place.

While expressing his views, Prof. Iqbal Hassan Khan, Former Dean of Civil Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia, said that he couldn't describe the loss of Professor Siddiqui in words. He was a great example as an academician at par cum administrator, performing his duties with dedication, commitment and integrity. As an eminent geographer, his crucial role in taking Dayal Singh College, Delhi University, at the zenith of success can't be forgotten.

His former colleague, Prof. Noor Mohammad, a Former Professor at the Delhi School of Economics, joined the condolence session online to express his views. In his attributes for the late Prof. Siddiqui, he spoke about the latter's generosity, efficiency and academic skills as an administrator and an eminent teacher. He further mentioned that none other than the late Prof. Siddiqui could offer his share of such a skillful contribution during his associations with the University Grants Commission (UGC), National Open Schooling (NOS), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and many other institutions of repute. His visionary roles were not only noticed but also brought remarkable transformations. After his death, India and the world lost a renowned geographer, he further said.

Prof. M. Afzal Wani, Vice Chairman of IOS, highlighted IOS' innumerable contributions to increasing knowledge in various ways over many decades. He further emphasized that such an objective knowledge proliferation couldn't be possible without the late Prof. Siddiqui's selfless and enduring support, motivation and contributions. He was a treasure of knowledge. His roles in giving wings to much social objectiveness through literary and intellectual promulgation will always be remembered. The true tribute to him would be starting a lecture series on him for his contributions.

Dr. M. Manzoor Alam, Chairman, IOS, further advocated for such initiatives and insisted that the late Prof. Siddiqui's family members come to hail and support such initiatives.

In an emotional tone, Prof. M. H. Qureshi, Former Professor of Geography at Jamia Millia Islamia, expressed his feelings in the condolence meeting that the late Professor Siddiqui would always remain enlivened due to his educational contributions.

According to Mr. Manzoor Ahmad, Former Vice-Chancellor of Agra University, personalities like the late Prof. Siddiqui are rare. He was such a large-hearted person who would accept both his critics and admirers with equal zeal. His loss is a loss to humanity and global education.

In an emotional speech, Prof. Surinder Singh, Former Professor at Shivaji College, Delhi University, spoke about the patronage he received from the late Prof. Siddiqui from 1976 upon his enrollment in PhD under the latter's guidance. Ever since their association became a family relationship, he would always be treated like an elder son. He further said that the late Prof. Siddiqui had excellent command over THE English language and exceptional administrative skills that paved the way for his college to gain numerous milestones.

Mr. Iqbal Hussain, Former Programme Officer, IOS, shed light on the remarkable contributions of Prof. Siddiqui to IOS and IAMSS from 1992 to 1994, during which the Hyderabad and Patna conventions of IAMSS were milestones in the history of Muslim intellectual platforms to initiate a dialogue and objective assessment of issues concerning them in particular and Indian society in general. The role of the late Prof. Siddiqui in ensuring a robust plan to turn those conventions successful must be considered. As an academic administrator, he proved his mettle during that association, besides various other impeccable roles he played for several decades.

Shedding light on the exemplary roles of the late Prof. Siddiqui in bringing a resurgence in madaris, Dr. Muzaffar Hassan Ghazali from Delhi highlighted how the four compact and concise books on geography published in Urdu for madrasa students under the latter's supervision and published by IOS proved a renaissance. Late Prof. Siddiqui will be remembered for his academic excellence, besides numerous other remarkable contributions to the field of geography. He would always motivate youngsters and appreciate their efforts.

The elder son of the late Prof. Siddiqui, Mr Nadeem Siddiqui, spoke about how he wouldn't condole his father's loss and, instead, would celebrate his life because his father groomed them, besides hundreds of thousands of students whom he taught to believe that the “life of giving is the life of living.”

Prof. Z. M. Khan, Secretary General, IOS, presided over the meeting. He emphasized that it was the right time for the intelligentsia to propagate the works of the late Prof. Siddiqui, which would be a real tribute to him and other scholars of repute. He further said that the late Prof. Siddiqui was a Muslim elite with tremendous interest in research, education, book publishing and much more, making him an extraordinaire persona. As the Secretary of the Indian Association of Muslim Social Scientists, New Delhi, the late Prof. Siddiqui played notable roles besides his other academic engagements.

Prof. Haseena Hashia, Asstt. Secretary General, IOS, conducted the meeting and highlighted multiple shades of the life and works of the late Prof. Siddiqui.

The meeting was concluded with dua, made by Ml. Adnan Nadwi, for Prof. Siddiqui’s magfirah.



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