"Issues and Problems of Muslims in India and the United States" A brief report of interactive meeting held with Dr Kaleem Khwaja a US based intellectual at IOS New Delhi

 (January 6, 2003)

An interactive meeting with Dr Kaleem Khwaja, a US based intellectual was held on January 6,2003 at IOS New Delhi. In this meeting representatives of different IOS associate bodies, and leading academicians were present.

Dr Kalim Khwaja hailed from Kanpur did his Engineering Education from IIT Kharagpur before migrating to USA. Now he heads a US based Indian Muslim Association (formed 17 years back) at East Coast. which is one of the leading associations of Indian Muslims based in USA.

Dr M.Manzoor Alam, the IOS chairman, who presided over this meeting introduced Dr Khwaja and welcomed him. He also welcomed other dignitaries like Syed Shahabuddin who grace the occasion.

While inaugurating his talk Dr Kaleem gave a brief introduction of his US based Association of Indian Muslims.He described about its activities and the role it played during Gujarat riots.

He maintained that the US Muslims are doing well and gave social background of different US based Muslim organisations, and its leaders. He highlighted the role played by Alijah Mohammed, Malcom X etc. He particularly described about their social background of their associations. He put it that the acceptability of Muslims in the US society is evident from the fact corroborated by the presence of some Muslims in the US State Assemblies. Regarding Indian Muslims he said that there are 1.5 lakh Muslims out of total 4-5 millions of Muslims. They are doing well.

While describing the role of media he said that the US media is not portraying a correct picture. For example there are so many peoples in USA who do not subscribe to present US anti Iraq policies. There are strong sentiments about the war against Iraq. Unfortunately US media portray other side of picture.

He said that new developments and changes are taking place in USA.

In concluding part of his discussion he said that now there is a big need to strengthen the ties with Indian Muslims and their US based Indian counterparts. While a social event is a big link between the ties of two peoples. He said that there is a need to develop a policy to guide us about it We (US based Muslims) need guidance in this context.

Prof. ZM Khan the secretary general of IOS briefly outlined the institute's activities he said that IOS is also busy in this direction and trying to link different groups. In this context he referred that the IOS is organising a seminar on Inter-community Relations and Linkages which is schedule to be held in March,2003

He described his experience about his recent visit to USA.He advised that there is a need to strengthen links between US based Indian Muslim community and other sections of USA which should be beneficial for Indian counterparts.

Mr Mahmood Ali and Prof. Sanghasen Singh also participated in the discussion.

This meeting was concluded with the Chairman's remark (Which incorporated some suggestions) and vote of thanks.

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