Milli Council’s Call to the Millat and the Nation On the occasion of National Convention on Empowerment of Muslims through the Constitution of India July 24, 2006 At Talkatora Stadium New Delhi ByDr Mohammed Manzoor Alam General Secretary, All India Milli Council

Respected Participants,


Thanks to Allah for providing us an opportunity to gather here with respect to relations by dint of his Kalmah and make Kalmah and the issues of the millat as well as situation and difficulties the topic for discussion. We also pay gratitude to Him for the blessing that he granted in form of M’arfat-e-Rab and service to Ummah.


We are indebted to Allah that He created us in this country and gave an opportunity to follow a deen (ideology) which guarantees salvation as well as success in the world and Hereafter. Again thanks to Allah that He created us in the Ummah of Prophet Ibrahim and got associated us with an Ummah that is called as Ummat-e-Waheda on the basis of Kalmah La Ilaha Illallah and is unique in its qualities and specifics. In fact, this Ummat-e-Mohammediya is excellent for its divine book and the bright teachings of the last Prophet in which there have been ordained commandments and advices to establish justice in the world, eradicate atrocities, respect the human beings and lives, put a stop on the efforts of making human beings slaves at the hands of human beings, understand all the human beings and human habitations residing in different civilizations, cultures and languages, rather entire creations of Allah as the family of Allah, show sympathy with the victims of atrocities, get back the rights to those from whom they have been snatched away and turn the entire world into a place of peace.


This Ummah is responsible to get solved the humankind’s problems, agonies, difficulties and other issues because this is its real responsibility. Therefore, this Ummah has been entrusted with amanah so that it takes care of all the human beings and be ready for their services. To lead the human beings and strive to link them with their God, love all the creatures and struggle for bringing them in better from worse conditions have been said to be a key responsibility of the Ummah.


That’s why the Ummah has been asked to shoulder the responsibility of handing over to all the sections of the society and all the groups of the human beings the amanah which is nothing but intellect, wisdom, understanding God and oneself, giving a bond of security that is nothing but truthfulness, righteousness, justice-loving, balanced approach and love and affection and the amanah that is endowed with knowledge and search for knowledge.


In this world the philosophy of life and death, rise and decline, destruction and construction, and creation and end continues under the divine system. Civilizations come and go. Nobody knows how many civilizations ceased to exist in the human history. Although they were the most cultured civilizations of their time and they had got all the resources of the period and all the sources of power and force but the secret of the decline of the nations is that whenever the nations that leave justice and righteousness and truth, denies the rights to the weak, they cease to exist.


This world is the home to reasons. Here each and every work is subject to reason. Therefore, search to reasons, collection of reasons, looking for resources and making efforts to push it forward, is a necessity that is reasonable and natural too. The system of this world is related to reasons and resources. Therefore, to strive for getting sources and make plan is a demand of nature.


Respected Participants! The political, social, economic, industrial and scientific revolutions that have occurred since the Independence, the changes in the laws that have been undergoing through legislation, the constitutional amendments that have been going on, the assumptions of new political discriminatory attitudes that continued to flourish in democratic and political institutions, the way through which Fascism continued to strive successfully to come to power silently through Secularism, the carelessness and lack of attention that was meted out to the reports and recommendations of different Commissions, the unconstructive attitude that was adopted on the basis of occasional political selfishness instead of serious and continued steps to improve the economic and educational conditions of the minorities, the process that was used  for the violation of human rights, denial of rights and injustice with the victims of atrocities instead of honouring and enforcing human rights, the policies that were adopted for terror and riots instead of peace and tranquility, and tension and pressure instead of calmness and quietness, the planned efforts that were made to plunge the weaker sections into poverty instead of economic betterment and progress, the obstacles that were created in the way of the progress of the minorities and the nation through the West-oriented organizations, the way through which the precious treasure houses and funds of the nation was destroyed instead of the progress of the nation, the style in which the shrewd and cunning persons were supported and patronized in comparison to the truth-loving persons, and all that used to come on the surface as a result of and in reaction to these negative attitudes and methods, is before our and your eyes. A book is needed for all the details. As a result of which, lack of balance, injustice and moral generation reached its nadir here. Is it not a fact that class war started due to lack of justice and also denial of social and political privileges? Did the fire of this clash not reach the institutions of justice, politics and education? Did the effects of this clash not influence the system of the country? Is it not true that the selfish, characterless and criminal persons did reach the legislation-making bodies? Did the political parties not encourage the class clashes? Is it also not true that those officials and bureaucrats doing atrocities were honoured and given awards? The reports presented by the All India Milli Council on the situation prevailing is enough to throw light.


The nation and its scattered population and its persecuted poor are waiting for the persons who could work for their rights, raise voices and do struggle for them. They are waiting for the truth-loving persons who could reveal truth before the perpetrators of atrocities. If you show your readiness for the service to humanity and those created by God, if you support the principles of justice, if you come forward to help the helpless and weak, then you would certainly be able to play your constructive role in changing the atmosphere of the country.


 Respected Participants! 


All India Milli Council came into existence so that it could give a new enthusiasm, new zeal, new energy and new thinking to the Muslims of the country, it could do a persistent and consistent as well as planned legal struggle for the implementation and restoration of the Constitutional rights, make practical steps to lessen the feeling of their disenchantment, despair and denial of rights, help the Muslims in difficult situation, prove to be a helper in real sense, and become a ray of hope for them. Such a hope by dint of which a person lives and his enthusiasm to live awakens. Milli Council is such a platform in Independent India that is active for the welfare, prosperity, progress, protection and milli identity of the Indian Muslims.          


The AIMC is such a platform that represents all the areas of the country---from Kerala to West Bengal, from Assam and Manipur to Maharashtra and Goa. This is such a platform that has come into being with the collaboration, unity and cooperation, and also potential of thought and practice wherein there lies agreements and understanding and which is a common and united platform of Indian Muslims and in whose establishment and bringing up ulema, imams, social activists, teachers, journalists, lawyers, legal luminaries and youth are all included, and who are striving to provide leadership at every stage, which invites people for cooperation and which is eager to cooperate with all. There is no time to narrate the work in detail that has been done from this platform for the last 15 years and the idea that was given. However, it is a fact that the effort the AIMC made to break the impasse definitely helped the things to move. There is no doubt that AIMC paid attention towards different new directions and new efforts and created a political consciousness in the millat by bringing before the world the facts and figures and other important points about the problems of Indian Muslims that were necessary. As a result of which there emerged more consciousness in doing efforts for achieving rights and privileges.



The AIMC took up whatsoever the works as per its priorities, selected the whichever the field, it included the assessment of education, educational institutions, educational system, educational problem, economic situation, search for reasons of economic backwardness and debate over identification of possibilities, political representation and awakening of political consciousness and the efforts to enhance weight politically. Muslim women and their problems, Muslim youth and their rights as well as their ways to progress are also part and parcel of its priorities. The most important work that AIMC chose is to make changes and look for the sources to bring changes as well as make assessment, study and strive for its legal and ground preparation. It makes no difference whether these changes are ideological, cultural, social and political. This all are connected with the new life and new turning point of millat.


The AIMC accepted whatsoever issues and challenges with its weak potential and limited human resources and which pose as a real challenge in this country, therein the most important and significant issue is to push forward the millat. The issue of development and progress has become a topic of discussion on every level and men of letters and thinking are expressing their views in their own styles. But this is a fact that a few decisions and steps have had to be undertaken to move atop from bottom and forward from backward, and bring changes without which there couldn’t be any progress.


In this connection, first of all it is necessary to remove the obstacle found in the way of progress, do persistent and consistent struggle in the right direction and make solid planning for the progress. The assumption of prosperity, happiness and peace without progress can’t be thought of. Therefore, the issue of overall progress of millat is a big topic. It is also a basic question and continued challenge that AIMC has accepted as a challenge and included it in its first priorities.


The second basic challenge is the protection of the rights of the Indian Muslims, its implementation and restoration and achievement of rights and privileges on every level. This challenge is also a very important whose way takes towards progress and prosperity.



The third challenge is to enhance dignity, weight, respect and value of the Indian Muslims. This challenge is also not less important.




The fourth challenge is the demand for rights and privileges as given under the Constitutional system.




The fifth challenge is to make India a peaceful zone of the world and riot-free area.




The sixth challenge is to get weakened and make weightless the anti-human forces.




The seventh challenge is to understand all the real problems of the country and resolve them in right perspective with full information and save the country from the dangers it faces.




The eighth challenge is to present deen-e-rahmat (Ideology of Compassion) in India as a benefactor of humanity, remedy of deceases and real solution to the problems.




The ninth challenge is to reply the questions, particularly raised by the West with regard to certain principles and concepts of Islam and for that answer it has to get prepared the millat on ideological and intellectual levels so that this deen should come before the world as a deen-e-rahmat (Ideology of Compassion).



Uth ke ab bazm jahan ka aur hi andaaz hai


Mashrique wa maghrib mein tere daur ka aghaaz hai


(Wake up, now is a different style of the function of the world

This is the beginning of your era in both the East and the West)


Today the authorities and members of the All India Milli Council reiterate that they would at any cost give a practical shape to its decisions. This Council belongs to you all. We give a call to the Muslims of India to walk altogether. It is our decision that there would be a rule of the Constitution in this country. We will be accomplishing our responsibility in protecting the country. This is our strong determination that we will definitely change the situation through firm belief, consistent and persistent action, and love and affection.


Mayoos na ho jazbae tameer-e-watan se


Bijli to tadapti hai tadapti hi rahegi


(Don’t be afraid of the emotion of the nation-building

It lightens and would continue to lighten)        

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