Resolution of IOS Peace Conference


November 3-4, 2007
India Islamic Cultural Centre, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi

Resolution of IOS Peace Conference

  1. Power of Peace in the first instance may be taken as a concept and value in mind and heart. The conference urges upon the concerned people to start to work on philosophical and applicant aspects of the concept of Peace both on personal and group levels and its need in the present globalizing world. The Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi should work as a nodal agency in operationalisation of the scheme.

  2. Power of Peace should also be taken as a condition to create and shape positive elements of providing opportunity, creativity, dignity and realization of human values in man & society. There should be efforts on the part of everyone to work for creating and utilitising peace for these values.

  3. Fostering synergy to create peace has to be strategised by all sections of society. It can be achieved through planned use of instruments of peace in areas of media, education, judiciary, legislation, etc. These are to be worked out by the governmental and non-governmental agencies with a mission.

  4. A major area relating to use of the power of peace is creating awareness about peace and its importance to survival of humanity. Presently available channels of mass communication are to be fed and used for this purpose.

  5. All measures are necessary to evolve processes for conflict resolution, reconciliation, cooperation among different sections of society and connect these with welfare of society at large.

  6. Work and network with organizations believing in and promoting Power of Peace Concept.

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