Uploaded on June  04, 2007


By promptly sending her own party’s MP behind bars, UP Chief Minister Mayawati has sent a clear signal:

zero-tolerance for violent crimes and acts of gangsterism in her raj.

The arrest of a BSP Member of Parliament is a refreshing change after a steady dose of stories of all manner of mafia dons lording it over the towns and villages of Uttar Pradesh being published in newspapers everyday.

The story of the BSP Member of Parliament, Umakant Yadav, makes interesting reading. The MP took upon himself the responsibility of demolishing four shops in Palia Mafi village of Azamgarh district.

The intent behind the dare-devilry is said to be of illegally occupying the land, as per the police version. After committing the offence the MP found the police snapping at his heels.

The amazed MP (amazed at sudden police alertness after years of slumber) thought it wise to run away to Lucknow and seek shelter with Chief Minister Mayawati.

In the meantime, the police had been smart enough to keep the CM informed of the episode. Ms Mayawati, who has come to office on a plank of zero-tolerance for violent crimes, quickly decided to sacrifice the MP rather than her own credibility.

She allowed the police to virtually drag the alleged offender to jail from her residence where he had gone to seek her help. Having dealt with the big fish thus the police had an easier job of nabbing the bulldozer malik whose bulldozer was used for the demolition.

There are three crucial elements that, along with others, go in the making of what we call good governance:

(1) an efficient, impartial administration

(2)   transparency

(3)   accountability.

Minus these components governance cannot be fair and will never be able to establish a just order. The poor and the weak would never have their voices heard in such an order.

This episode reflects Ms. Mayawati’s commitment to fair governance, setting precedence for other states and the Centre to follow.

All said and done, we rejoice over the turn of events. After all, criminals are nobody’s friends. However, we will appreciate it more wholeheartedly if the rate of white-collar crimes in UP also comes down.

True rule of law is not possible unless white-collar crime, especially officially bribery, too is eliminated. Ms Mayawati will do well to watch over her ministers and bureaucrats. To begin with, she should clear her name from the Taj Corridor scam to gain full credibility.

(Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam)

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