Rule of law essential for peaceful national life

Uploaded on 30 May 2020


Rule of law essential for peaceful national life

Dr. Mohammad ManzoorAlam

The most outstanding attribute of India lies in its comprehensive Constitution which was prepared by the well-wishers of the country who were adorned with the enviable vision, unbiased attitude, excellent competence and exemplary potentiality. Equality, Justice, liberty and fraternity are undoubtedly the jewels of the Constitution and these striking features hold the position of preamble in the Constitution of India. Religions, ideologies and races have been equally empowered by the unexampled Constitution of India. All of the inhabitants of this country have been recognized as the citizens of the equal status. Equal rights have been given to the people of this country without any discrimination. All countrymen have been mentioned as shareholders in the politics of the country for the well-rounded betterment of the country. Everyone of this native land has been required to undertake responsibility for retaining the widely acclaimed reputation of this country. The distinctive features and leading characteristics of the Constitution, are acceptance of diversity of ideologies and religions, have united the countrymen in the multifaceted development of the country.

Due to the excellence of the Constitution, India has achieved recognition all over the world. It can be asserted that the eminence of this country will remain intact and untarnished till the Constitution remains unblemished. The citizen of India will be prosperous. Injustice, tyranny, plunder of public wealth, aggression against weaker sections and innocent people will vanish and peaceful environment will prevail in the country, provided the integrity and sanctity of the Constitution is ensured to be unaltered and undefaced.

The Constitution of India ensures respect, honour and success of all Indians, but this is a historic tragedy that a section of Indians seems determined to change the Constitution since its inception. The above-mentioned section is desirous to replace the Constitution based on justice, equality, freedom and fraternity with another based on discrimination among the people, racial superiority and the system of over lordship and slavery. This section has prepared a group of individuals who have no respect for rules and regulations and are always ready to spread terror, murder of innocent people. This is why hundreds of incidents of lynching have occurred during the last six years. 

Most probably these pre-planned inhuman and contemptible activities were done by the people who were already ensured that they would be kept far above the stranglehold of the rules. Behind the curtain of this type of undemocratic, inhumane, violent and ferocious activities in the country, the maligned objective is hidden; the loyal people of India must keep in mind that there is no room for justice, equality and fraternity in India, rules and all kind of benefits are only for those who attribute themselves only to a particular caste, the rest of the people will be beaten savagely, they will be slain, they will be kept deprived of justice, they will be kept at a distance in respect of being benefitted with the concept of equality, and they will be duly supposed to undertake the undesirable and troublesome tasks,being bereft of due recompense. It is also as an item of the hidden agenda in the minds of the flag-bearers of the communal feelings that the deprived section of the country should be used as the machine of vote bank and that they should be kept far from any share in governance. Finally an impression on the minds of the weaker sections of India would develop to convince everyone that calms would be the best course. After day-to-day occurrence of these unfortunate happenings, all these things are considered as normal. The oppressed sections passing through these trials will be forced to live according to the will of the tyrants. When they will feel weak and helpless, devoid of emotion, enthusiasm and freedom of thinking, resulting in their being divested of speaking power and realisation of rights and liberty, they will aspire only for a meager livelihood, being impervious of honour, eminence, liberality and liberty.

Such circumstances will be favourable and commendable for those whose unfailing effort to tarnish the luminous picture of the Constitution is manifest in the light of the sustained communal, aggressive and confrontational activities. These people will be encouraged by insensibility, faintheartedness, and undue contentment of the affected and depressed people and they will proceed ahead for the distortion in the Constitution. There will be no obstruction in the way of promulgation of the inscribed law of Manu Smriti, as the people will have been already disheartened. They will be pleased and satisfied only with the livelihood. No question will arise for them to stand in opposition and to raise a voice against the violators of the sanctity of the Constitution and real seditious and traitors to the country. Thus being a silent spectator of these inauspicious occurrences and having objective of the life along with only ambition of obtaining the livelihood will invite but accelerate the heralds of the RSS to bring their old agenda and cherished desire into practice without being scared of even a meager resistance.

The continuous experiences of lynching were the mile-stone in this connection. Anti-Muslim manifestations regarding the spread of Corona Virus in the present time holds the position of a link in this regard. It is an above-board fact that the Corona Virus is a disease comprehending the whole world. The health workers, scientists, police and the administrative staffs of the world are striving hard to meet the challenge of this epidemic. It is ridiculous as well as down-hearted and sorrowful matter that this epidemic has been interpreted as the crime and Muslims of India have been settled as the responsible for the spread of this disease. The evil-minded and the tumult-mongers are taking resort to the different ways to justify this meaningless and unfounded allegation. The hostile and poisonous mentality is hidden in this allegation; Muslims caused Corona to spread and they brought thousands of innocents to death but the terrible and instructive punishment could not be inflicted on them because of absence of any rule in the Constitution regarding the differentiation on the basis of the religion. Form here, the need of change in the Constitution will emerge so that the alleged Muslims may be punished sternly. For the purpose, it will be resolved that Muslims would be considered as the second grade citizens, the fundamental rights will be withdrawn and they will be kept deprived of equity, equality freedom and fraternity.

The scheme of the RSS will be endorsed to a great extent. And they will come forward instantly as the vanguard for the enterprise concerning the perversion in the Constitution. During the interpolation in the Constitution, the said organisation will not have to face the opposition of the other Indian peoples of the minorities, because they will have already changed their living style in India. The devotees and champions of the organisation will proceed gradually towards the destination of the prevalence of the system of Manu Smriti, making the Dalits, the tribal communities and the other minorities completely bereft of their fundamental rights.

After the promulgation of the system of Manu Smriti, slavery and bondage will be the destiny of the Dalits and the other weaker sections of India. Conclusively, the respect and honour will be very far from these peoples who were benefitted with the humane and the honourable position after a long period of the consecutive efforts and the enormous sacrifices of their ancestors. 

All well-wisher citizens of India are duly supposed to undertake the responsibility concerning the integrity and sanctity of the Constitution. Safeguarding the Constitution, keeping its all contents intact and unaltered and the strict observance of the rule, all these things are in favour of the country and it’s all inhabitants. Avoiding the intrusion in the Constitution with the malicious intention, observing due reverence to the rules and directives and untiring effort for establishment of the spirit of the fraternity and unity; all these things are in favour of the countrymen and undoubtedly these are the indispensable factors for keeping the Constitution in its spirit resulting in the worldwide recognition of the country as the biggest secular country in the world.

It is the need of the time that the philosophy of non-violence by Mahatma Gandhi may be emphasised theoretically as well as practically, differentiation among the people of the country on the basis of caste, colour, region and religion should be depressed and discouraged and the implementation of the Constitution in its true spirit may be ensured by everyone. The distinction of the present government lies in the fact that some remarkable initiatives regarding the sanctity of the Constitution and safety of its natives may be taken, so that the politics of lynching, violence, prejudiced approach and communal feeling, may be vanished from this land known as the ‘curious amalgam of the culture of the Ganga and the Yamuna’. Fortunately, the government is in full majority. Therefore, it has no excuse for falling short to come forward straightforwardly and to take appreciable moves for the consolidation of the country in all respects.

It is mentionable that due to shocking incidents of lynching our native land has become prey to disintegration and chaotic conditions on the one hand and the pleasing and graceful picture of the country has been defaced in the world on the other. Keeping in view the sanctity of Constitution and the well-being of the country and its inhabitants in general, the government is supposed to take the issue seriously and to frame the vigorous rules for punishment of the perpetrators of this type of heinous crimes. We all together, the patriots of India are required to make a great effort to revive the spirit of the Constitution, which was dreamed by the freedom fighters of the country and which was prepared by the team of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. The existing Constitution is a grand manifestation of the cherished desires and precious dreams of Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, Bhagat Singh, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and Bhimrao Ambedkar. We all are equally responsible for bringing these valuable ambitions dreams into practice. It looks binding to the government to use the power in favour of the country and formulation of such harsh rules to reinstate the spirit of the Constitution should be ensured by the government that the violators of the rule will in no case be left unimpeachable and unpenalised, for making the country anabode of peace and tranquility.

Note: Writer of this article is General Secretary of All India Milli Council.


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