Artisans in India By JPN (JULY 28, 2011)

Artisans in India
PAGES: 252
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New Delhi: Rich in art and craft, skilled artisans, booming indigenous household industry but sadly gravitating into the pothole. Concerned by the apathy shown by the society towards the craft industries and the various artisans in our country? ‘Artisans in India’ will pacify your concern as well as ignite your desire to spur and reach out to the ignored extended lot.

A book on the spatial distribution of artisans and their major crafts in India, ‘Artisans in India’ provides a succinct account of the socio-economic conditions of the artisans, both caste-wise and region-wise.

It highlights the disparity faced by the artisans and the craft industries despite earning a large amount of foreign exchange and coming only second in terms of employment next to agriculture in our country.

Interestingly, the book also shows how the artisans have molded themselves and their techniques according to the change and need of the time. Although many of them are poor and illiterate, a significant section of them have already adopted modern tools and techniques to cope up with the changing demands of the market.

As such they do not find immediate threat to their profession but they are seriously thinking about the future of their old profession in the fast changing economic scenario.

Further, the book suggests the opening of many craft training centers in different localities in which competent staff and modern machine for various trades should be provided. Finally, the book sums up with recommended solution to elevate the condition of this industry.

All in all, an art lover’s delight; opt for this non-fiction to peep into the real life of artisans.

(Professor M Ishtiyaq is Head of the Department of Geography, Jamia Millia Islamia)

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