(Editor’s Note: Milli Council General Secretary Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam has demanded the derecognition of BJP in the following letter written to the Chief Election Commissioner of India on April 6, 2007)
The Chief Election Commissioner of India
Nirvachan Sadan


This is to express our grave concern over the vicious, cynical and dangerously divisive tactics of BJP in Uttar Pradesh. The way the party has created and distributed its mischievous hate-Muslim CD is meant to trigger a massive bloodbath and alienate the two major communities in India, and thus garner the majority vote.

This party has always tried to cash in on social divisions and strove to widen and deepen existing social divisions in blatant breach of the Constitution and rule of law. For Muslims it is not merely an academic question, but a question of life and death. Victories won by BJP in the past have mostly come at the cost of a large number of Muslim lives, limbs and enormous destruction of property.

We appreciate the Election Commission’s alertness in preventing the mischief. Although they have already distributed the CDs and spread the venom far and wide, it is never too late to stop such anti-national, anti-social mischief. Some action is better than no action at all. Some deterrence is also required to forestall such political behaviour in future. We therefore request you to derecognise the party and defang it.

With regards,

Yours sincerely

Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam
General Secretary, All India Milli Council

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