Value Your Precious Vote All India Milli Council (April 01, 2009)


Value Your Precious Vote

All India Milli Council advises Muslims to exercise their franchise with caution and sense if responsibility.

New Delhi, March 30: The Executive Committee of All India Milli Council at its meeting here today deliberated on the political situation obtaining in the country in the run-up to Lok Sabha election.s.

It made the following decisions and issued the advisory to Muslim on the issues:

As the time of the beginning of electoral process draws near, political parties are making and breaking tentative alliances and forming ever newer groups. That has given the forces of fascism and communalism new hope for their nefarious designs and unholy intentions against the Constitution.

It is the duty and responsibility of every voter to make sure that before and after elections the chosen candidates and parties remain committed to secular values, economic and social uplift of the weaker sections, and rule of law.

The All India Milli Council makes an appeal to voters in general, and Muslim voters in particular, to keep in mind the following ten points before casting their vote:

  1.  First, every voter must resolve to cast his/her vote and remember that his/her vote can potentially lead to the    success of a candidate.
  2.  It must be remembered that it is a Lok Sabha election, and it will decide what kind of a government will be formed at the Centre for governing the entire country. Local issues and personal likes and dislikes should not be allowed to influence your decision. Only national issues and the wellbeing of all classes should guide your choice of vote.
  3.  Two kinds of political parties are in the fray: parties that believe in secular order, and parties that want to change the secular Constitution, break mosques to build temples, ban the practice of all non-Hindu religions and destroy the secular fabric of the country. We have to make sure that the former class of parties win and the latter are defeated. We have also to make sure that parties that are otherwise not anti-minority, but would ally with communal parties, do not win.
  4. To identify and defeat fascist candidates and the future allies of such parties, kindly consult the politically-conscious persons in your area. Always vote unitedly in favour of the single candidate who has the potential to defeat fascists and their potential allies.
  5. The Sangh and its affiliated organisations are trying hard to create communal discord to polarise votes. Don’t get provoked by their tactics and don’t allow communal harmony to be destroyed by such vested interests, which want to cash in on communal hatred and violence.
  6.  Check your name in the voters’ list and, if there is some flaw in it, kindly get it corrected at the office concerned.
  7.   Take along women voters with you.
  8.   Don’t be a party to the conflicts between candidates or their supporters on the polling day. 
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