IOS pledges to expand work, move to the next stage (October 13, 2009)

New Delhi, October 11: The Institute of Objective Studies (IOS), a Delhi-based social research institution affiliated with the United Nations (Social Roster), has announced a massive upgrade of its research facilities and programmes.

Making the announcement at the end of a two-day meeting of its Governing Council (October 10) and General Assembly (October 11), IOS Chairman Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam said here today that in its 23rd year of existence the institute was poised for change of scale, focus and content of its programme.

“The IOS is in transition today, the founders are no longer young. The baton of leadership has to pass to the younger generation gradually”, he declared. He said it was going to have next generation changes to suit the next generation of leaders waiting in the wings to take over. We have begun talent-scouting, looking for young people with energy, intellectual merit and commitment to the social good”, Dr Alam said.

The institute mainly focuses on the situation of Muslims and in a democratic, constitution framework in their researches and the possibilities of their social, economic and political empowerment.

The Governing Council decided to revamp the functioning of its 23 academic committees by restructuring them and bringing greater academic focus and clarity into their work. “This would be the beginning of the evolution of these committees into Centres of Subject Specialisation in the months and years ahead”, Dr Alam said.

The IOS has five regional chapters. The GC decided and GA endorsed the decision to empower the chapters to function more efficiently and in a decentralised, semi-autonomous mode.

It decided to examine the modalities of a private-public participation project to be run by its affiliate IOS Foundation for Education to improve school education of Muslim children.

In his address to the GC and GA the chairman enumerated achievements of the institute over the last one year in ongoing projects involving multi-media, publication of journals and books, websites and research programmes. Distribution of scholarships, organising national and international seminars and conferences in collaboration with universities, departments and institutions has been a major component of its profile.

The GC also decided to study the possibilities of working with the Planning Commission of India on a proposed partnership system offered to all NGOs. IOS specialists of education will also examine the text of the Central Madrasa Board Act of 2008 to formulate a stance on it.

It also decided to publish a revised edition of the well-received IOS book 100 Great Muslim Leaders of the 20th Century as well as publish a supplementary volume of the book.

A major project announced was a comprehensive volume on Islamic values during Muslim rule in India. Another volume to be compiled and published in future would be 1000 Great Muslims of the World.

A lot of other decisions were taken that included the celebration of the 25th anniversary of IOS in 2011.


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