Delhi CM releases IOS book at workshop (June 28, 2010)

Mrs. Sheila Dikshit, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi releases the book of IOS book on Political Empowerment of Muslims in India

New Delhi, June 26: The chief minister of Delhi, Mrs Sheila Dixit, advised Muslims to focus on acquiring contemporary knowledge through modern education. She said these words releasing a book, Political Empowerment of Muslims in India.

The book is written by Prof Z M Khan, former professor of political science at Jamia Millia Islamia and published by Genuine Publications under IOS Empowerment Series.

The book release came at the end of a day-long workshop on the political empowerment of Indian Muslims organised by the Institute of Objective Studies.

The workshop, spread over four sessions, began with an introduction of the issues by Prof. Khan. He said empowerment of Indian Muslims required strategic thinking and action on: change in thought; consideration and utilisation of opportunities provided by the Indian political system; the civilisational structures and inter-community linkages; preparation of a political strategy to obtain increased participation in governance.

IOS Chairman, Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam, who conducted the day’s proceedings and chaired the fourth session (in which the book was released), said that the Muslim community did not lack in trained human resource. “The only issue is how best to utilise it”, he asserted.

Dr Alam was responding to Mushtaq Ahmad’s observation that Rahul Gandhi could not find a cadre of young Muslims at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) who could be groomed for future leadership of the country.

An official of All India Milli Council and former policeman, Mauji Khan, said half in jest that the “Muslim leadership” was confined to mosques and madrasahs.

The following were also among the participants at the workshop:

Prof Manzoor Ahmad, former VC, Agra University; Dr Ausaf Ahmad; Prof Refaqat Ali Khan; Dr Basheer Ahmad; Mr Agha Sultan; Dr N Rasool Siddiqi, IAS; Dr Aqeel Khan; Prof M Afzal Wani; Prof A.S. Narang; Prof M Mujtaba Khan and Dr Ishtiyaque Danish.

At the end the following resolutions were adopted:

It is highly satisfying that the workshop on “Road Map to Political Empowerment of Muslims in India” is concluded successfully on 26/6/2010 in New Delhi. The workshop adopts following resolutions:

1. Efforts are to be made to form specialized NGOs, trusts, voluntary self help groups for the purpose.

2. Formation of cooperatives and professional bodies may be taken up.

3. Suitable institutional mechanism should be created to gain strength in electoral policies.

4. Special efforts should be initiated for healthy inter-community linkages.

5. Relief and rehabilitation schemes should be worked out for victims of political violence.

6. Use of technology should be worked out in gaining strength in politico-social arena.

7. Organise the use of religious infra-structure for taking up issues of spreading awareness among common masses.

8. IOS may be requested to create a Centre for Information to cater to all concerned agencies and organizations.

9. Form a standing committee to evaluate and to formulate the roadmap for political empowerment of Muslims in India.


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