Milli Council Cautions Anna About Intemperate Language (June 14, 2011)

New Delhi, June 14: The All India Milli Council has regretted that the tone of discourse on Lokpal issues is deteriorating by the day.

In a press release the AIMC General Secretary Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam cautioned against use of intemperate language by the Lokpal movement about senior functionaries of the state.

He said the Indian constitution demanded respect for state institutions and the person of President, Prime Minister and other senior functionaries. “Use of unguarded or unparliamentary language about them would ultimately lead to anarchy and lit-for-tat between the state and citizen’s groups”, he explained.

“The AIMC has stood all through the movement, with Mr Anna Hazare and the rest of the group in their demand for a more accountable system and we have provided moral support through participation in the sit-in and public discourse. However, we must know the dividing line between protest and civil strife”, Dr Alam said.

The government and its machinery should also exercise restraint. Congress Party spokespersons would also do well not to use a tit-for-tat language.

“The AIMC respects Mr Hazare for the remarkable work he had done in Ralegan Siddhi and neighbouring villages in Maharashtra. It also supports the cause. However, being a Gandhian he should remember that Gandhian ways shown the use of intemperate language”.

Dr. Alam said in Gandhian philosophy ends did not justify means. Both the end and the means should be morally correct. “The cause behind Naxalism, too, is genuine. However, the means employed for the fulfillment that cause are questionable. Such distinctions must be kept in mind all the time”, he said.


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