Foretaste of a Fascist Order (November 19, 2013)

News Analysis

Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam on the menace of a stalking chief minister, who could be PM tomorrow.

The disclosure about intrusive surveillance of a young woman by Gujarat ATS on the orders of Narendra Modi, through his trusted deputy Amit Shah, is alarming.

This is an extremely serious issue for the future of freedom and human dignity in India. This is a foretaste of the fascist thuggery that will rule India if the country is unluckly enough to suffer Narendra Modi as prime minister.

It is also a menace for women’s freedom as pointed out by women leaders from non-BJP parties. There is a lot of talk going on about Modi having an affair with the woman. This is said to be the cause of his possessiveness about her.

The affair may not be important as it could be a personal choice of adults. However, this could also be a case of stalking by a thwarted admirer, who also happens to be the chief minister of Gujarat. Stalking is a serious crime against women. The hair-splitting on whether it is a state issue or Central issue is beside the point.

The only point is that the ‘Sahab’ is resorting to criminal ways with the help of state apparatus, which is yet another offence. Instead of coming clean, BJP is trying to shift the blame of Modi’s conduct to Congress. Naturally, this is not going to work.

Now BJP is claiming that the woman was under threat and her father had asked for security support. First, as the woman is an adult there is no validity of her father asking for security cover. Second, security should have been arranged through providing her with SPOs, not ATS.

Indian society must rise to come to grips with this menace because it could be the beginning of the end of democracy, if Modi and Sangh are allowed to have their way.


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