Wrong Man in right company Ashafaque Kayamkhani (May 07, 2007)

 Wrong Man in right company

If Congress insists on fielding people like Pareek in assembly polls, it is bound to meet its waterloo in Sikar, wites Ashfaque Kayamkhani

Having tested over time and across the country anti incumbency factor has become the important element reflecting election prospects of a party or candidate. Those lacking concern for masses at large cutting across the caste lines and trying their election fate more than once are highly prone to this element. Conspicuous demerits of personality particularly on behavioral aspects and intention and approach to deal with issues with bias and nepotism are reflecting drastically no matter one’s party is not sitting in treasury benches.

In past, Sikar parliamentary constituency and Sikar assembly constituency both known to be pro congress owing to their profile of voting school but during recent times this myth has lost relevance as BJP has gained at the help of saboteurs of congress particularly in parliamentary elections.

Congress has been testing Rajendra Pareek since 1990 in Sikar assembly constituency of Sikar district in Rajasthan. The political scenario since then in the district has undergone tumultuous changes. This holds good for Indian National Congress as well as Bhartiya Janta Party, the two major political parties in the state.

Rajendra Pareek seems to have fallen victim of his own deeds and speech. Immediately after congress winning assembly election in 1998 elections Rajendra Pareek stated in an interview that his win has nothing to do with support of Jats rather Jats opposed him but in vain. These words created havoc among Jats in the entire constituency. The people at large procured and stored copies of his interview published in a newspaper which were later distributed during assembly elections.

Further he had, barring few months under political compulsion, vehemently opposed a Muslim Chairman of Municipal Board, Sikar which gradually antagonized Muslims. Moreover, during reigns of congress party, when Ashok Gehlot was chief minister, MLAs were de facto chief ministers of the respective assembly constituency Pareek merely satisfied the demands of Brahmins only that too with antagonism to Jats and Muslims which severely reflected on his secular credentials and being leader of a secular party. Further, he always played designs against Paras Ram Mordia, a Dalit MLA from Lachhmangarh and had never, in his constituency,  paid any heed to dalits any time which had repulsive effect on dalits also. This is on the record of the proceedings of assembly that Pareek intending to dalits said that "Aap ke to karm hi aise han han main manuwadi hon"

Recently at Ramlila Maidan at Sikar Sadhavi Ritembhra attended a religious function on November 14, 2006. It was the day when congressmen at large were busy in celebrating Nehru Jayanti and organizing several functions. Pareek on the other hand was busy in mustering blessings from fire brand VHP leader Sadhavi Ritembhara who oozed out venom against Muslims in the same function. Pareek getting felicitated at the hands of Ritembhara, who is known across the country to abuse Muslims as well as Sonia Gandhi, had left scares on the hearts and minds of not only Muslims but dedicated congressmen. Muslims are extremely furious whereas congressmen and secular people developed hatred against Pareek. This event is widely talked through out the Sikar constituency and will definitely leave lasting effects on election prospects of Pareek if not of congress.

Pareek attends every function or procession which depicts hard core Hindu emotions i.e. people holding trishuls high. Such functions and processions leave Muslims panicky every time.
The effects of these all utterances and deeds can be well understood by analyzing the voting profile of the constituency.

 Sikar constituency comprises of nearly 2 lac votes of which major junk is from Muslims 60 thousand, Jats 40 thousand and SC/ST 27 thousand. These are the sections of the society which are relatively more politically aware and share common concerns. Brahmins, the caste Pareek hails from, are hardly 20 thousand. Pareek through his unwarranted statements and deeds has almost consolidated the Jats, Muslims and dalits against him.

 Animosity of these sections of the society towards Pareek has been clearly and resultantly exhibited in the last assembly elections. Pareek has, since then, done nothing to either eliminate this animosity or reduce it but on the contrary has acted in the manner, as stated here above, which added to its dimensions.

 Pareek is real brother-in-law of B.L.Joshi, Dy. Governor, Delhi and owing to the close affinity to Gandhi family he always secures ticket for Pareek. The deeds and acts of Pareek may take heavy toll of congress votes or party image but his close relation to Joshi exonerates him of all misdeeds and unwarranted acts.

Taking brevity it can be well stated that people at large are of the opinion that in the event congress fields such candidates on the strength of their claims as a sitting or earlier MLAs and real brother-in-law of B.L.Joshi, Dy. Governor, Delhi it will no doubt weaken the prospects of the party not only in one constituency but also in others.  A change of candidature on the other hand will definitely brighten the chances.

At the outset it is concluded that people at large have been given to grow the opinion about congress leaders that they are busy in endeavoring to meet their personal and family ends resorting to legitimate or illegitimate means rather than concern and cause of people at large.

Congress leaders belonging to so-called upper castes even today exhibit deeds which clearly and conspicuously send signals of caste apathy towards dalits and muslims if not towards jats under compulsion.

Mr. Pareek is not lone leader in congress but there are lot many such leaders who always wish to get vote of dalits and muslims but never maintain their dignity or part with politically due with them and the results in Uttarakhand and Punjab are results of deeds of such leaders. Further, this is not the end to debacle of congress unless a stern hand to curb such thinking is put and discouraging such deeds is undertaken that too at the top level.g


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