Ill-timed Dissension by IOSCA (MARCH 27, 2009)

It is in the national interest that the UPA tries to iron out its differences and reunite.

The severe disagreement in the UPA is a matter of concern for all people who are committed to the rule of law and supremacy of the Constitution in the conduct of public affairs in India.

As it is, the parting of ways between the Congress-led UPA and the Left has weakened the secular front. A few months ago the Left quit on a principled stand. Its views on the nuclear issue are shared by a large number of people in India whose opinion ranges from the Left to centre to right of the political spectrum.

That the nuclear deal with the US is not in favour of India is quite clear, as it binds India to US apron strings and makes it an instrument of American foreign policy objectives. Now the second, and even more deadly blow, has come in the form of disagreements in UPA on seat-sharing.

The UPA is sending extremely negative signals with its internecine discord. People are getting the impression that these leaders are not interested in maintaining the lofty ideals of the Constitution, but in their own selfish, narrow gains.

Congress, being the largest constituent of the coalition, is also the greatest beneficiary. Naturally, it would also be the greatest loser if the UPA disintegrates. It is in the national interest as well as in Congress interest for it to initiate another round of talks with its allies and try to hold the coalition together.



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