The Truth At Last by Mohammed Ataur Rahman (MAY 14, 2010)

The home minister of India, Mr P. Chidambram, has finally (and reluctantly) admitted that there is something called "terror by Hindu extremists". Mohammed Ataur Rahman applauds that as the first step towards a realistic counter-terror policy.

For years there were no takers of the idea of Hindutva terrorism in official India. The all-knowing intelligence agencies have been insisting that “Islamic terrorists” were behind every act of terror in the country, including attacks on mosques and dargahs. Over the years substantial evidence has been found supporting the Muslim assertion that at least the attacks on mosques and dargahs were the handwork of RSS-backed terrorists.

The RSS has more heads than Ravan, Sanathan Dharma Sanstha, Hindu Munani, Abhinav Bharat being some of them. Members of all these organisations, including RSS proper, VHP and Bajrang Dal, have been found to have been involved in terror attacks. Abhinav Bharat terrorists had confessed to having bombed the Samjhauta Express going to Pakistan. However, briefed by its premier intelligence agency the Union government has been telling Pakistan that it was the handiwork of ISI.

Mr Chidambram has been reluctant to admit that Hindutva terror has wreaked such havoc. In the absence of a frank admission of truth the police and intelligence agencies have been routinely rounding off Muslim youth, torturing them and implicating them in false cases, even when mosques have been attacked. They have been acting as if there was no Hindu terror in India.

The fact is that whether it was the blast in Goa targetting Christmas revelers or the blast at Ajmer dargarh, it is RSS and its fronts that are caught in the mischief. They make it a point to commit the crime wearing kurta-pyjama-topi (and, sometime false beard) to mislead investigation. They also leave behind pages from Urdu newspapers and other markers that point towards some “Muslim” miscreants.

If we want to solve a problem, we must identify it first. And admit it publicly. An official admission will give investigators the courage to look towards non-Muslim (especially, RSS-sponsored) terrorists as well. A crime is a crime whether RSS or somebody else commits it. Was not Mahatma Gandhi murdered by these people?

Now that Mr Chidambram has admitted it, he should go with as much diligence and determination against Hindu terrorists as he has displayed chasing other terrorists–Muslims, Naxals and foreigners.

A number of rights activists have been pointing towards possible Hindutva terror links in the attack on the Sankat Mochan temple in Varanasi. One may ask why should Hindu terrorists attack a temple. The answer is, to trigger anti-Muslim riots. That is, for the same reason as putting the severed heads of cows in temples before every election to anger Hindus against Muslims, cause riots, and garner Hindu vote.

Mr Chidambram should take due note of all this and act quickly.


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