India on Crossroads by Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam (MARCH 29, 2012)

Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam views on the policy paralysis in New Delhi.

Over the last couple of weeks the country seems to have gradually slipped into a deeper and deeper political inertia. This is far more evident in the corridors of power in New Delhi than anywhere else.

It’s quite natural that the country’s malaise should be more evident in the national capital than at any other place in India. If you look close you find government making one faux pas after another embarrassing faux pas.

From foreign policy to law-making in Parliament, on no count the government’s actions (and inaction) looks convincing. Important foreign policy moves have been made incorrectly. The country was caught napping while a coup of sorts was being staged in neighbouring Maldives.

This act of omission was compounded by an act of commission, the Indian vote against Sri Lanka in the UN for alleged violation of human rights. Little thought was given to the fact that Indian armed forces have been condemned for similar breaches of human rights violations in the UN in not so distant past.

Important legislation has been pending in Parliament, without the government or Opposition being overly concerned about this.

The disarray and demoralisation is not restricted to the Congress Party and its allies in the UPA, but extends to BJP and its allies. The paralysis of will is total.

As the economy is stalling and decisive action on virtually every issue is being avoided, another scam involving Rs 200,000 crore has surfaced. This swindle involves Muslim Waqf property. Add to this the gathering pace of arrests of Muslim youth, most of the time arbitrary or on flimsy grounds.

Consider in this context the devastating effect of the Army Chief going public with a declaration on the weaknesses of the armed forces at a time when a BRICS summit is on. The Army Chief’s conduct is a new low in the annals of indiscipline in armed forces. In the face of all this, the government is sitting pretty instead of acting quickly to limit the damage. We are passing through a particularly dark moment in the country’s life. It is time to pray for the nation.


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