Nazi Inspiration by Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam (OCTOBER 03, 2012)

Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam on Narendra Modi’s familiar vituperation against Mrs Sonia Gandhi.

Narendra Modi loves to attack two people—Sonia Gandhi and General Pervez Musharraf, his favourite term for the general being “Mian Musharraf”.

It is pertinent to explain here that the Sonia Gandhi that he is attacking is the actual Mrs Gandhi, President of Congress Party and Chairperson of the UPA. However, Mian Musharraf is not General Musharraf, but Indian Muslims who, the Sangh thinks, are the Pakistani fifth column in India.

Also, he bragged about teaching Mian Musharraf a lesson during the Gujarat pogrom of 2002 only, but his attacks on Mrs Gandhi and Rahul never ceased.

Of late he has renewed his attacks on the Nehru-Gandhi family as a warm-up to the coming Assembly elections. His latest is that the Union government has spent Rs. 1880 crore on Mrs Gandhi’s medical treatment.

Modi has quoted a young RTI activist from Harayana. Ramesh Verma, who happens to be the probable activist from Haryana referred to by Modi, has said that the figures were not based on his enquiry on the same subject under RTI Act.

Verma said that he had tried several times to get the information, but he did not get it. That shows Modi’s claim as another malicious piece of lie.

According to reliable sources in the UPA, the amount spent on Mrs Gandhi’s treatment is only a few lakh rupees, not Rs. 1880 crore. Additionally, the expenses were borne by her only and the government had no role to play in it.

This has brought back former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and Congress leader Digvijay Singh on the scene. He has twittered that Modi, having been brought up by the RSS in the Nazi mould, is doing what his spiritual guru, Hittler’s propagandist Goebles, used to do.

Goebles believed (and practised what he believed) that if you speak a lie loud enough and go on repeating it, the lie would turn into truth. Modi is a loudmouth and an uncouth braggart. It comes naturally to him to shout and brag and lie endlessly. He is a real chela of Hitler-Goebles.

However, Hitler and Goebles soon learnt it to their chagrin that endless repetition of a lie did not make it a truth. Soon, Modi too will learn.


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