Dark Humour by Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam (AUGUST 20, 2013)

Narendrabhai P. Modi has a strange sense of humour that involves cutting cruel jokes at the cost of victims of crimes against humanity.

In his penchant for bad practical jokes he resembles his ideal, Adolf Hitler. An example: When groups of Jews, Communists and assorted Liberals were being taken like cattle, on foot, to their death in gas chambers, a music band used to accompany them that played Wagner’s music all the way. This was the Nazi way of entertaining persons being marched to their deaths.

One was reminded of this when Narendrabhai wondered grandly: if 25 percent of Gujarati Muslims vote for BJP, why can’t 25 percent of Muslims all over India also do that? There are quite a few answers to that simplistic question which resonates with the French queen’s question at the time of the Revolution: if the French do not have bread to eat, why can’t they eat cake?

The French could not eat anything because they had neither bread nor cake. Twenty five percent of Indian Muslims cannot follow the 25 percent of Gujarat Muslim voters of Narendrabhai because they do not trust the exaggerated claims of Phekubhai about anything, including the Rambo action and rescue of Gujarati pilgrims from Uttrakhand.

Even if some simpletons among Indian Muslims believe the 25 percent fiction, they will not vote for him because they do not want to be known as kutte ka bachcha or label the honourbale burqa as a cover for falsehood.

Indian Muslims will not vote for Narendrabahi because they do not want to be called [President] “Mian Musharraf”. Indian Muslims do not want to be called even Mr Mohammad Ali Jinnah. They know who they are and labeling by someone known as Pheku will not be acceptable to them.


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