Mixed Results by IOSCA (AUGUST 28, 2013)

In Brief

Increase Muslim representation in police, intelligence, other security agencies.

Statistics is of immense help in quantifying economic gains, but sometimes relying upon statistics alone can be misleading. One example is the latest National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) data that present a mixed picture of Muslim empowerment / disempowerment.

The data show that Muslim employment in government jobs has increased to 10 percent from above six percent. This is a matter of some satisfaction. On the other hand, the same report says that Muslim household expenditure still remains the lowest in the country. Household expenditure is a sign of the status of income. That shows Muslims are still trapped in a low-income net.

Muslims are still faced with strong institutional biases which hold down their representation across public and private jobs. An enduring complaint has been about the persistent anti-Muslim bias in police, intelligence and allied security agencies. Muslims have been demanding an end to it through increased representation in the above agencies.

It is good that Muslim share in government jobs has increased. The next step should be to induct more Muslims in police, intelligence and paramilitary services.


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