Hitler was sorry for Auschwitz by Dr Mohd Manzoor Alam (SEPTEMBER 03, 2013)


…and Stalin regretted his massacres, Pol Pot was contrite over his genocide, writes Dr Mohd Manzoor Alam

One of the favourite dialogues of LK Advani, on whose hand lies the blood of thousands of Muslims, is that December 6, 1992 was the “saddest day” of his life. He does not say why, and stops short of uttering any word of regret.

Why is it the saddest day of his life? Because the 16th century mosque, a rare, surviving specimen of Sarcene architecture, was demolished by a demented, hysteric mob brought to Ayodhya by him an fuelled constantly on anti-Muslim rhetoric. It was the culmination of Somnath to Ayodhya rath yatra. His yatras had ignited the fire of anti-Muslim hatred and claimed hundreds of Muslims lives all over India even before December 6. After the demolition, anti-Muslim riots intensified claiming hundreds of more Muslim lives. Twenty five other mosques and mazars were also demolished in Ayodhya that day.

Riding on the hate wave and an extremely divisive politics of polarisation, BJP came to power at the Centre. Advani ultimately became home minister (ironically), and also deputy prime minister. Was it a sad day calling for mourning, or a happy day of celebration? The RSS-VHP-Bajrang Dal celebrate it as Rashtriya Utsav (national festival). Advani, a hardcore RSS man, is not really sad over it, never was.

Why am I remembering this doublefacedness of the Sangh today? Because once again the Sangh is up to it. BJP president Rajnath Singh is saying Narendrabhai Modi becomes extremely sad to remember the Gujarat carnage of 2002, staged under his stewardship.

If he was sad why did he hunt human rights activists like Teesta Setalvad and Malika Sarabhai? And why has he been persecuting government officers like Bhatt who sympathesised with the victims?

In the pogrom, over 500 mosques were demolished, but Modi government refused to build or repair them saying it was not the state policy to build places of worship, ignoring that it was the state which had supervised the demolitions. Hence it was the duty of the state to rebuild them. Finally, under Supreme Court orders they have agreed to rebuild them.

How sincere they are about their sorrow is evident from Amit Shah’s appointment as UP chief for elections. Shah had been behind the bars on charges of mass murder of Muslims. He still stands accused of mass murder of Muslims. Then why has he been made in-charge of UP? Because the party wants to send the message to Hindutva supporters that BJP will be tough on Muslims.

What does Modi want to convey to the people? He tells the people who know his language that puppies (kutte ke bachche), that is Muslims, are there to be killed and the burqa is a device to hide evil. His constituency knows that he is the same Narendrabhai of 2002.

All the drama and false regret is meant for only one purpose: to confuse enough Muslim voters and sabotage the chances of the secular camp. To believe Modi’s and Advani’s “regret” we will have to believe that Hitler was sorry for Auschwitz, Stalin regretted his massacres and Pol Pot was contrite over genocide.

Mr. Modi and Mr Rajnath should know that they are only adding insult to injury by trying to play with emotions of Muslims.

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