An Easy Choice by Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam (OCTOBER 24, 2013)


Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam on the choice between BJP and the Congress Party.

As the elections in five states draw close, the Internet has come alive with a colorful debate on the virtues and vices of Congress and BJP vis-à-vis each other.

Recently, Narendra Bhai Modi called Congress “the black party” alluding to the coal scam, in which the noose is slowly closing on the necks of the guilty. However, coming from a BJPwallah, it sounded unfunny.

How can a party, ignobly called “Bhartiya Janata (Petrol Pump) Party” for shamelessly allotting a huge number of petrol pumps to its minions during NDA rule, call others black?

Mining licenses for coal blocs are no different from mining licenses for stone. In Karnataka, the Yedurappa government looted the state’s natural resources by allowing illegal mining. Does not BJP remember it?

Also, does BJP remember that its president of an earlier period was caught on camera accepting bribe and counting the currency notes in a sting operation? Can it say it is really clean?

To counter the black party metaphor Rahul Gandhi stuck the label of “red” on Narendrabhai Modi–the “red” here being not the red of communists, but that of murderers who spill human blood.

Despite all his lip service to Muslims, Gujarat 2002 has not left Narendrabhai. Its ghosts will haunt him for life. It also shows that BJPwallahs should refrain from mud slinging, because some of the mud will come their way and stick to their clean kurtas.

Now, let us consider this. On a dark night we want to be escorted to safety by somebody. We have to choose from two persons-one a murderer, the other a corrupt person.

Whom would you prefer for an escort at that dark night? And when you learn that the murderer is also a corrupt person, more corrupt than the other one, whom would you select? Not the murderer, certainly.


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