Narendra Modi: 4-in-One by Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam (NOVEMBER 02, 2013)

We are told Narendrabhai Modi, who is a 4-in-One product, would be best suited for India’s prime ministership.

The first quality that he has is that he is a liar. He, and people like him, think that lying is an essential “quality” for a successful politician.

We have no opinion on that, but every time he tells a lie he is caught. That means he is not good at even lying.

Recently, he said that Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru did not attend Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s funeral. Soon people came out with the fact that Pandit Nehru was very much there at his colleague’s funeral.

The elaborate falsehood that he resorted to about Uttarakhand disaster evacuation was another example of his lying.

His second quality is that he is a miniature-sized Hitler, a good consolation for the contemporary Hitler lovers in India. He has all the hatred for Muslims that Hitler had for Jews. He also shares Hitler’s hatred for Leftists and liberals.

His third feature is that he destroys his patrons like he did with L K Advani and other senior BJP leaders. A day may come when he would cut the RSS to size the way the offspring of crabs eat away the mother.

The fourth characteristic is that he can hold on tenaciously to his goal. The hate he has created has been spread by his friends to other states. His friend Amit Shah has brought it to UP. The fruit is being reaped in Muzaffarnagar.

Faced with the threat to constitutional order and national integrity from this four-headed monster 17 political parties are coming together to thwart him. That is a good beginning if it is not allowed to break down under the heavy weight of personal ambitions of leaders. The only guarantee of its success will be the leaders rising above personal considerations to uphold a constitutional order and a democratic dispensation.


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