Democracy Moves Forward by Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam (DECEMBER 11, 2013)

The Delhi Assembly elections results have brought total rout to Congress Party and near-victory to BJP. However, the heavy backing to Aam Aadmi Party has surprised us all, including psephologists, “scientists” of election.

We welcome the change as it is the unchangeable nature of life even though all of it has not been to our liking. The most likeable part of it is the rise of AAP, which is the only party in India that has garnered so much of support without resorting to religious, casteist, sectarian or class appeal.

That is a real, substantial achievement for a secular democracy: citizens contesting elections as citizens, not as members of a certain religion, caste, sect or class. Their vote support too has come without these considerations.

The elections were so keenly fought that no party has emerged with even a working majority, much less absolute majority.

Let us hope that whoever forms the government tries to consolidate and further build on the substantial achievements of Ms Sheila Dixit’s three consecutive terms. Let it also avoid her occasional mistakes which, after all, is human.

A democracy always moves forward, building on and consolidating the achievements of previous governments, without harping too much and too long on the alleged drawbacks of the predecessor regime.

Let us all join in cheering the new dispensation and wish it well.


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