Lawless Ruffians by Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam (JANUARY 11, 2014)

Aap’s coming into power in Delhi has unnerved and frustrated the BJP and Sangh’s other outfits. They are so frustrated that they have started resorting to goonda tactics.

On January 8, they attacked Aap’s headquarters in Delhi and tried to bully and intimidate its office-bearers. The hooligans claimed they were “protesting” against Prashant Bhushan’s remarks on Jammu & Kashmir.

Earlier, goondas from the same outfits had attacked the Supreme Court lawyer and Aap leader in his chambers at the Supreme Court. They had thrown him down from his chair, beaten him up and torn his clothes.

Both the earlier attack and last week’s were said to be reprisals for the expression of his views on J & K. Violence and hooliganism are not the right response to someone’s views. The Sangh should reply to views with their own views, not violence.

However, the attack this time was not because of Bhushan’s views, but the fear of Aap’s rise. So far the BJP, with the help of corporate media’s distortions and one-sided reporting, had been sure of coming into power at the national level. The Aap’s continuous rise has put their dream in doubt.

The corporate media, which was unhappy with Congress for its pro-poor, pro-weak policies, wanted all the resources to go to the rich under BJP rule and let the poor and weak fend for themselves. Now that Aap is openly talking about fair distribution of the national cake the BJP and its corporate friends are deeply disturbed.

The BJP had planned to do away with all taxes and allow its funders to loot the country. Although it would have been illegal, a lawless party like BJP is hardly bothered about niceties. The Aap’s rise has brought it to its senses and it has dropped the idea of scrapping all taxes. It knows that such open dishonesty in favour of the rich will consolidate common people’s vote in favour of Aap, the BJP’s nemesis.


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