Bless the Vinashpurush by Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam (APRIL 25, 2014)

In Brief

Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam

The Great Vinashpurush, Shri Narendrabhai Modi, has famously said that he has already been chosen by God to take the country to its destination. Now all that he wants from the people of India is an endorsement of God’s will in the form of their blessings.

Vinashpurush is the title given to him by his fellow BJP leader Uma Bharati who, like him, has been a chief minister. On our part, we would prefer to call him Ravanavtar Narendrabhai Modi. He shares so many qualities of heart and mind with the Lankapati Ravan.

The most significant of those qualities is that both Ravan and Shri Modi have got the endorsement of Lord Shiva. Both have put it to good us. In fact, what Ravan did amounted to putting it to a use that was too good for his own wellbeing. Let us wait and see how Narendrabhai uses that mandate.

If the mukut of prime ministership has already been placed on his august head by God himself, what is the point in the formality of asking people to bless someone who has already been blessed?

It seems Shri Modi has finally realised that the praja is to be taken into confidence and kept in good humour in a prajatantra. Let us, all the praja of this land, think of blessing the already blessed, at least till the time he comes out openly in his Ravanavtar.

Should we wait till he brings vinash to all of India as Ravan did to Lanka, or we should ask him, with folded hands, to spare the country.


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