Habitual Liar by Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam (June 17, 2014)

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair richly deserves all the epithets showered on him. He has often been called, with ample justification, an inveterate liar and a poodle of George Bush Junior.

During the early phases of Afghan war this man announced on TV, before millions of viewers, that Britain would not go to war in Iraq. However, only after months British forces rolled into Iraq along with Americans and some of their allies in 2003 in a full-blown invasion of this hapless country.

The idea was to destabilise Iraq enough to unleash a civil war once the Western troops were pulled out. Why did they do it? Because they wanted to weaken Israel’s neighbours to enable it to establish regional hegemony. The Anglo-British forces were completely successful in their project.

Iraq and neighbouring Syria are bleeding profusely today. The new Iraqi turmoil, which will affect the already strife-torn Syria, is a direct result of the Anglo American war and the devilish diplomacy in its wake.

At this point the liar Blair enters the scene once again with his despicable remark that what is happening in Iraq today has no relation to the Anglo-American war and their treacherous diplomacy. There can be no lie greater than this.

This lie was spawnned by another, original and foundational lie of the Anglo-American gang. They began this war saying that they were going into Iraq to disarm Saddam Hussain, who was alleged to have weapons of mass destruction.

UN Chief Inspector of Arms, Hans Blix, had reported that Iraq had no weapon of mass destruction and the Chairman of International Atomic Energy Commission, Mohammad al-Bardaei, had confirmed that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. America’s war mongers tried to browbeat al-Bardaei and force him to endorse the Anglo American falsehood, but al-Bardaei stood his ground.

US Secretary of State of the time, Colin Powel, delivered a speech making the false charge that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that was shy it had to be invaded. An amazed world looked at this blatant lie in disgust. Blair the poodle tom-tomed this false pronouncement.

After the destruction of a great civilisation and murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis the Western forces went home saying they could not find any weapons of mass destruction. The fact was that they knew even before the war that there was no such weapon in Iraq. Meanwhile, Blair kept on repeating his favourite lies.

Now that the country is in the throes of a civil war unleashed as a result of the Anglo-American invasion, Blair is denying a connection between the two. We should not expect anything better from a habitual liar.


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