Dr. Mohd Manzoor Alam letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh ( January 16, 2007)

January 15, 2007

Dr Manmohan Singh

The Prime Minister of India



This is to communicate some of our concerns to you as our beloved leader. Over the last few years we have been seeing a concerted Anglo-Saxon military and diplomatic campaign against the Muslim world, which forms a sizeable chunk of the Afro-Asian, post-colonial world.

It was evident from the late 80s of the last century that after the disintegration of the USSR and its East European, Baltic and Central Asian empire and area of influence, the Anglo-Saxons were going to target the Muslim world. Years before the September 11, the neocon PNAC had said it was looking for something like the Pearl Harbor attack to begin a crusade against Muslim world.

Asian and African countries, one after the other, are being convinced and browbeat nations with a bludgeon. The way Afghanistan and Iraq have been destroyed shows how serious the democratisers really are. It will be instructive to remember that today’s targets of Anglo-Saxon aggression had earlier been great friends of America and Britain.

India has always stood for national sovereignty and right to freedom of every Afro-Asian country. Now that national independence of Afghans, Iraqis and others is being trampled under Anglo-Saxon military boots, India should be seen to be standing with the victims, rather than with the aggressors.

Today what is at stake is India’s long tradition of standing up and being counted when some fellow Afro-Asian country is targetted for imperialist oppression.

We hope that under your able leadership the country would think of its own interests first instead of accepting to become an instrument of American foreign policy be getting involved in Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan. National honour and national interests have to be the only criteria in our foreign policy. Independent political decision making and solidarity with the weak should continue to be our guiding principles. Our voice should be raised in international fora not in favour of the aggressor but the victims.

With regards and grand wishes for the New Year

Yours sincerely

(Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam)

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