Don’t be misled by Sangh - Anandi Sharan (September 29, 2018)

This is a reply to your thoroughly disheartening article you sent me, the link to which is here:

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What you don't seem to realise is that Mohan Bhagwat the head of the RSS in 2018, in the run up to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, has tried to put a pro constitution and pro Islam gloss on Hinduism, which is an ideology of caste and human inequality.

He is doing this because his political party, the BJP, faces political opposition from Bahujans, marginal farmers, informal sector, women, environmentalists, socialists, communists, adivasis, denotified tribes, nomadic tribes, semi-nomadic tribes, pasmanda Muslims and rest of informal sector in India who constitute 95% of the country.

Mohan Bhagwat's statements are a political move to save Hinduism at a time when it is obvious to more and more Indians that Hinduism, as propagated illegally through political appeal to Hindu religion by BJP, is not compatible with equality of human beings and justice for all human beings and for all living and non living beings, which are basic feature of the Indian constitution through Article 21 let alone the Preamble itself.

Just by someone saying Hinduism and Indian constitution are compatible does not make it so.

In your recent article in IOS you write: "Instead of doubting his bona fides, we should give Bhagwat cheers and co-operate with him for the common cause of India’s wellbeing and prosperity as the motherland belongs to all of us, a fact the sarsanghchalak has acknowledge publicly. "

In your comment you seem to suggest that Hinduism and Indian constitution are compatible!

But they are not! Let me repeat, Hinduism will not from one day to the next become a religion that believes in equality just on the say so of RSS or BJP.

I heartily recommend Babasahib Ambedkar's "What Path to Salvation" for your reading or rereading. It is available on the net here:

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By falling into RSS trap of propaganda suggesting Hinduism is compatible with equality, you do a disservice to those 95% Indians who do believe in equality as a matter of conscience and basic human truth but are being bamboozled into accepting inequality by Hindu propagandists.

By suggesting to them, that is to us, that RSS/BJP/Sangh Parivar are cooperating for the common cause of Indian's well being you seem to be writing with your eyes closed.

Where have you been these last four years? It appears to me you have been living on another planet.

Only an ardent supporter or RSS/BJP and their inegalitarian religion of Hinduism can write what you wrote. Inequality is the core principle of Hinduism, otherwise how could RSS/BJP tolerate the class inequality that has risen to unprecedented levels under their regime as anyone with eyes open and their bodies exposed to Indian reality these last four years knows?

Please retract your article.

Please study Hinduism for yourself and answer the basic question whether Hinduism believes in equality of human beings or not.

Please refrain from misleading IOS readers with unhelpful advice as in the comment you wrote that I quote above.

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