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Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam

Indian Constitution is comprehensive since it is secular in the first instance and embraces the rights of all groups, all classes of people and communities. The constituents produced a constitution which aimed at granting equal rights to all people, making it sure that no one has supremacy and privilege over others, no discrimination is made against any person, those communities and groups of people who were denied justice, equality and freedom, those who were deprived of human rights and subjected to oppression and barbarity- all of them should get justice, status of equality, no one should be despised on the ground of caste, region, language, or for any other reason. As humans all people should have an equal claim in all fields. It is because of these virtues of the Indian Constitution that Dalits, Adivasis, minorities and other weaker sections of the society got the opportunity over the last 70 years to participate in different areas, their next generation has profited from education, met with openings in jobs, prospects of trade have opened up, they have registered their presence in political arena and social life, they have made a place for themselves in public and private sectors and institutions. However, this has not been achieved fully and the dream of the constituents is still only half the mark. Even today, in violation of the Constitution, Dalits, Adivasis, minorities and other weaker sections are subjected to discrimination; they are denied right to equality, in some areas the Adivasi children are not allowed to join school, there is restriction on getting education; they are only engaged as labourers; they are forced to do inhuman jobs. There is yet another section of high-ups who employ such children for life time, considering them as slaves. The reason for this sad state is that the Constitution is not fully implemented; Constitution is not being applied with sincerity. Some people place their traditions and customs above the Constitution. Therefore, it is the obligation of the intellectuals to come forward to launch a campaign to ensure the supremacy of the Constitution and its faithful implementation across all sections of the society. The intellectuals should educate all sections of people in the values of the Constitution, telling the intent of the Constitution and the rights it confers on the people of the country and impressing upon the people how the executive and government are flouting the provisions of the Constitution. Intellectuals should watch closely how discrimination comes to weigh high while administering the Constitution, why differentiation is allowed to subvert the clauses of the Constitution, why caste, creed, region and language direct the actions of those who wield power despite the fact that all such actions are against the Constitution and ruin its spirit. One should always remember that government, executive and judiciary are always supposed to be controlled by the Constitution. 

From the dawn of civilization, India has been a home to different religions, cultures and races. Fraternity and love are deep-rooted in its soil. Togetherness, mutual respect and shunning hatred constitute the identity and salient feature of our country. Post-Independence, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar and the Constituent Committee enshrined this identity in the Constitution and made all efforts that this Indian identity and culture should continue to embellish our country, so nobody is subjected to discrimination, high-handedness, hatred and prejudice. Today, our intellections and leaders are under obligation to make this dream of our constituents come true; they should create an environment so Constitution is followed in all sphere of life; people should share love with each other, shunning hatred on the ground of caste, creed and region; venom should not be sprinkled over another person; nobody should be looked upon as a threat to one’s existence; no enmity with others; no to discrimination against any fellow-citizen; prejudice should not occupy their minds. In the past, our intellectuals have made sincere efforts to send this message of the Constitution across the country; they have tried to connect people with the Constitution impressing upon them the need to stand committed to the letter and spirit of the Constitution. Though he came from BJP, our former Prime Minister Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee had full faith in the Constitution of our country and used to insist on its enforcement.  

It is the necessity of our time that we firmly trust our Constitution, adding further strength to it, making people aware of its salient features. At the same time, we earnestly make an appeal to the ruling party to not tamper with our Constitution and make certain its enforcement as also make the executive subservient to the Constitution. Our Constitution is a comprehensive document and is acceptable to all; it embodies both flexibility and strictness; fundamental rights have been conferred on everyone; Constitution also guarantees religious, cultural and social freedom. Our Constitution grants equality to all sections of our society, conferring human rights on all people. On account of all this, we urge upon all countrymen and particularly the intellectuals and other leading figures who are held in high esteem to realise their obligations and come forward to make sacrifices for country’s development, prosperity and social harmony. Further, they should launch an awareness campaign with the aim to take the country forward on the path of development overlooking caste, creed, race, region and language. They should make certain the enforcement of the Constitution, so the dream of the builders of India, constituents and freedom fighters is transformed into a reality. This will help all citizens to achieve equal rights and kick out all discriminations and distinctions. Muslims should also join these initiatives and set an example of unity and amity.            

(The writer is General Secretary, All India Milli Council)



  • As ' Salaamu ' Alaikum and Jumu'ah Mubarak,
    A very thoughtful, forthright appeal to ensure that the Constitutional rights of all Indian Citizens are upheld without favour or fear .
    Wa ' Salaam
    Yusuf Yusuf Limbada
  • Excellent message. Hope it will be heard and understood and moved by it.
    Fathi Malkawi
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