IOS condoles sad demise of Prof. Dr. Syed Khalid Rashid

IOS condoles sad demise of Prof. Dr. Syed Khalid Rashid

New Delhi, Dec. 15, 2023: With immense grief and sorrow, Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam, Chairman, Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi, offers his deep condolence on the sad demise of Prof. Dr. Syed Khalid Rashid, who passed away today morning after a prolonged illness in Malaysia, Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajewoon!

Prof. Rashid was a renowned scholar of waqf laws and its management, who always guided and supported me and the Institute, Dr. Alam said.

Prof. Syed Khalid Rashid was deeply associated with the Institute of Objective Studies since its beginning, and extended valuable contributions in waqf-related activities and programmes of the Institute. He authored 6 books on waqf for the Institute which include: Awqaf Experiences in South Asia (2002); Protection, Maintenance & Development of Awqaf in India with special reference to Rajasthan (2005); Waqf Management in India: An overview of the past, present and future administrative and statutory control on Awqaf (2006); Bibliography and Review of Waqf Literature produced in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia & Indonesia during 1977 – 2007 (2010); Waqf Laws & Management with Special Reference to Malaysia, (2013). His latest book Waqf Laws and Administration in India is being readied for the press.

Born in 1937, and educated at Aligarh Muslim University, Prof. Rashid served as Professor of Law at the International Islamic University, Malaysia for 25 years (1990-2015), had 50 years of research and teaching experience mainly in waqf laws and management in four different universities of Malaysia, Nigeria and India. His publications include 14 books and 88 research papers, out of which 9 books and 27 papers are on waqf laws and its management. He won the Best Researcher Award in Law at International Islamic University, Malaysia during 2004. In 2011, Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia invited him as a Visiting Scholar (waqf), and JAWHAR (Prime Minister’s Department, Federal Government of Malaysia) appointed him as the Chief Consultant (Waqf)  during 2010-11. He was the Founding Director of the International Centre for Waqf Research, IIUM during 2014-15.

May Allah accept all his good deeds, bless him with the choicest place in the heaven and grant sabr to all in the grieved family and us to bear this loss, Aameen.

Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi (India)

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