Prof. Akbar Husain’s lecture on Psychological, Social Well-being at Chikushi Jogajuen University, Japan


Prof. Akbar Husain’s lecture on Psychological, Social Well-being at Chikushi Jogajuen University, Japan

New Delhi, Feb. 20: Prof. Akbar Husain (Retired), Department of Psychology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, and Member, General Assembly, Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi, was invited by the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Chikushi Jogajuen University, Fukuoken-ken, Japan, to deliver Open Guest Lectures on Psychological Well-being on February 09, 2023 and Social Well-being in Indian Context (Global Psychological Support Possibilities) on February 10, 2023.

Prof. Husain discussed a number of significant points in his lecture on Psychological Well-being. They were: concept and definitions of psychological well-being, nuances, dynamics and impact, effect and understanding of psychological well-being, well-being and quality of life, features of psychological well-being, facets of psychological well-being, social support, developmental of psychological well-being, problems of elderly, factors affecting psychological well-being among elderly: genetic, socio-economic factors; treatment and care strategies to address mental health needs of older people, health promotion interventions, mental health care in the community, key messages from cross-country longitudinal studies, WHO response, mental health gap action programme, psychological needs of an elderly person, enhancing psychological well-being and grounding techniques.

Prof. Husain discussed a number of significant points in his lecture on Social Well-being of the Elderly in Indian Context.  They were: background of social well-being, what and why social well-being is important? why social health and well-being are important, what do we mean by social relationships? Well-being related concepts, social ecological systems of well-being, dimensions and nuances of social well-being, key social well-being challenges in societies, normative concepts of social well-being, benefits of social well-being, how to develop social well-being? Resources to increase social well-being, elderly well-being via support group, building social needs, and the role of social support in enhancing well-being. 


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