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Message given by Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam on the eve of Eid-ul Fitr 

In an interview with the Millat Times (Urdu daily, Delhi), published on May 2, 2022, on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam, General Secretary, All India Milli Council, said that the Blessed Month of Ramadan is bidding farewell. Guided by the Divine help, we tried to benefit ourselves from this month; we kept fast, offered prayers, recited the Holy Qur’an, tried to understand its meaning and commentary, gave charity and did our best by all possible means to create strong bonds with our Lord.  We should also think if, in the context of the prevailing circumstances, we are ready to get necessary lessons from the Noble Qur’an. Dr. Manzoor Alam said that it is necessary to reflect on such questions.

In his message, Dr. Manzoor Alam said that Ramadan is the month of the Holy Qur’an. This month gives the message of patience and piety. The teachings of patience and piety are repeatedly stressed in the Noble Qur’an. Allah has assured success in this world and the life Hereafter to those who embrace patience and persistence and live in the light of the teachings of Allah and His Prophet SAW. So, if we have lived in the month of Ramadan, taking it as the month of the Qur’an, there must come this consequential change that we prove ourselves as men of patience and piety. To achieve this goal, we shall have to demonstrate determination, spirit, courage, valour, faith-guided prudence and high morality.

Drawing for the community a lesson from Ramadan, Dr. Manzoor Alam added that we should bear it in our mind that adorned with piety, patience and persistence, a devout Muslim displays wisdom and discretion in every area of life. In the present conditions prevailing in India, the display of these true values guided by faith has increased manifold. It is incumbent upon us as community preachers that we undertake the obligation of carrying out welfare work and achieving their prosperity. We should stay away from negative thoughts, emotionality, internecine disruption, doctrinal, regional, and organizational biases and from all those small matters that may weaken the community and country. We should offer help to the oppressed, weak and backward sections of our society. To stop the oppressors from committing tyranny, we should follow every legitimate course in the light of our Constitution with full vigour; we should support every noble cause and oppose the evil; we should focus, in all sincerity, on education and upbringing of the new generation.

In addition, he said that we should consistently assert before the country and particularly before the three pillars of democracy— judiciary, legislature and executive— and also the media to follow the Preamble of the Constitution of India, which states the concept of equality, sympathy, fraternity and freedom. These are the measures that, in the long run, will also strengthen our spirit as the community of the faithful and will also lend support to act in accordance with the larger meaning of piety.


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