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Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam

The development of any society and country depends on the delivery of justice. Social justice, harmony in society and the prevention of riots guarantee the progress and growth of humanity. A country or society can be called developed in the real sense only if justice thrives there, and people’s life, property and honour are secure; where people are allowed to speak the truth and live with full freedom, feeling safe; where people are confident that if they are oppressed, action will be taken against the transgressors who will be booked under the law of the land, and criminals will get due punishment for their misdeeds. When there is assurance that the Judiciary will deliver justice and police will perform their duty honestly, while investigative agencies will act without any bias, and if it happens, the transgressors and criminals will not dare to oppress and coerce the innocent in future. The system should be developed in such a way that there is no discrimination between minority and majority communities; discrimination is not made on the ground of race, caste, and religion. On the contrary, justice will never be imparted if injustice reigns high. Instead of delivering justice, judges will give arbitrary decisions; police and administration will deprive the minorities and the weak of their fundamental rights; discrimination will be made between minority and majority communities. In case someone is treated inferior on the grounds of caste, race, class, lineage, region and religion, the society will become a hotbed of all kinds of evils and anarchy will become the rule of the day, and the survival of the poor and the weak will become difficult. Thus, society will become a prey of chaos and ruin; nobody’s life, property and honour will remain safe. Consequently, in this way, peace and tranquility will erode from society.

The virtue and identification of a successful society are based on the equal distribution of wealth and economic foundation. In other words, the economic system should be developed in such a manner that does not allow the control of an individual over the whole economy; everyone should get employment; people should have access to jobs; opportunities should be available to launch businesses. The virtue and identification of a successful society are based on the equal distribution of wealth and economic foundation. If a few people grab all wealth, then the rest of the people become their tools to mistreat them, rendering them helpless. In fact, economic equality is the basic need in any given society. The present-day society across the whole world has fallen prey to turmoil; discrimination is spread globally; hatred is being promoted; poverty is on a high; the number of poor is increasing; weak and poor are being forced into debt. If these trends are not arrested, society will certainly be ruined, and the world will be reduced to the state of slavery by a handful of capitalists. In that situation, justice, equality, and freedom may be taken away from the people; the world order will pass into the control of a handful of people. This will come to pass since equality-based economic order is not found in our country. Therefore, this is the primary obligation of people in authority, intellectuals and experts that they form a comprehensive system in the sphere of the mode of living and economy which should boast equality, where everyone is treated as a participant, while no excesses and injustice are committed in the distribution of wealth. It is conceded that unless the distribution of wealth is not considered a criterion of justice, society will lack peace and tranquility, while the existence of an ideal society will be considered impossible. No community can possibly achieve the target of prosperity, peace and security, end of ignorance and poverty without justice. There exists no country that has marched on the road to development without affirming its conviction in justice; no country has become a developed entity by constructing the wall of discrimination between minority and majority groups of people. No country has achieved prosperity despite invoking discrimination on the ground of caste, race, lineage, language and religion. It can’t happen. In order to bring prosperity, development, mutual adjustment, peace and harmony, end of poverty and rise of knowledge, and to get a place in the ranks of the powerful nations, it is expedient that everyone in that particular country should get justice and equality guided behavior should be followed, and justice and impartiality should get the topmost priority. There should be no discrimination on the ground of one’s affiliation to a minority group, religion, race and caste. History is a witness to the fact that whichever country has adopted discriminatory attitude towards its people, has not given equal rights to its citizens, has deprived religious minorities of their fundamental rights and freedom, that country has gone to rack and ruin; people there have become prey to poverty, and the dream of becoming a developed nation has never become a reality. In these conditions, a series of questions come to mind: Who is responsible for the present conditions in our country? Why has law lost its relevance? Why are actions not being taken in conformity to the Constitution, rules and regulations? Is the country’s development possible in the present state of chaos, unrest, turmoil, bloodshed and looting? If actions are not taken in conformity with the Constitution, rules and regulations, how can a country’s development be made possible? Unemployment will go on increasing with each passing day if people don’t get employment, how can then the country achieve development? It is the basic responsibility of the judiciary to protect the constitution, rules, and regulations. In such conditions, a few more questions are disturbing people’s minds: Will the judiciary safeguards the Constitution? Will law impact people? Will autonomous institutions be able to retain their autonomy?

Anti-minority sentiments will hurt India in many ways. As minorities are being targeted in India, former Reserve Bank of India governor Raghuram Rajan cautioned that “an 'anti-minority' image for the country can lead to loss of market for Indian products and may also result in foreign governments perceiving the nation as an unreliable partner.”

Rajan said, "If we are seen as a democracy treating all our citizens respectfully, and, you know, relatively poor country, we become much more sympathetic. (Consumers say) 'I am buying this stuff from this country which is trying to do the right thing', and therefore, our markets grow.”  He observed that it is not just consumers who make choices over whom to patronise, but warmth in international relations is also decided by such perceptions, as governments take a call on whether a country is a "reliable partner" or not, based on how it handles its minorities. Rajan also said that undermining the constitutional authorities like the Election Commission, Enforcement Directorate or the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) erode the democratic character of our country.

Shall we not respond positively to the advice of Raghuram Rajan? It is extremely necessary that supremacy of the Constitution and enforcement of law are made certain. The judiciary should treat the people fairly and uphold the sanctity of the Constitution. Employment should be provided and should contrive to check the causes, which are contributing towards making country’s anti-minority image. Injustice and discrimination being meted out to minorities, Dalits, weaker people, Adivasis and Muslims must come to a halt. All people must get equal rights. Harassing several communities on the ground of religion, race, and region must stop so that the message goes worldwide that there is peace, harmony, unity, and amity in India and minorities are given equal rights, and there is no one is oppressed or terrorised.

Ending backwardness, promoting knowledge, engaging in the battle against poverty, and building up equality-based economic order should be our objectives together, with equal focus on the honour of humanity. Society and country will make progress when the mission of honouring humanity is translated into action. Our society will only succeed when there will be no discrimination among humans, and everyone will be respected; no one will be reckoned as contemptible on account of their race, caste, region, colour, class, gender and religion. All humans stand equal, and they are entitled to rights of equality. It is this mission and movement that play a key role in the development of any society and country. Therefore, together with the above-said matters, humanity should be placed on a high pedestal. Only after achieving this high objective, our society and country will be regarded as developed.

(The writer is General Secretary of All India Milli Council)


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