On the occasion of the Republic Day of India, IOS presents its publications on the Role of Muslims in the Freedom Struggle Movement of India

On the occasion of the Republic Day of India, IOS presents its publications on the Role of Muslims in the Freedom Struggle Movement of India

Throughout the freedom struggle movement of India, Muslims played a quintessential role, which remains largely sidelined in the nationalist narrative of the nation. The exclusion of Muslims in the narrative is manifold- the historical bias and hatred leading to "othering" of the community, to say the least. In the present times, Muslims are often questioned by the Hindutva forces and asked to prove their patriotism to the country. Clearly, it is in conflict with the historical facts of Muslims and their contribution to the making of Independent India. 

The IOS has been proactive in bringing Muslims and their experience into the mainstream narrative of India at large through research, academic programs, publication, etc. Below is a list of literature based on the historical facts published by the IOS to highlight the glorious participation of Muslims in the independence movement of 1947.

S.No. Name of the Book Author/Editor

Access to Urban Basic Services in the “Muslim Localities
of Delhi

Institute of Objective Studies
2. An Encyclopedic Compendium of Muslim Communities
in the World (4 vol. set)
M.K.A. Siddiqui
3. Communal Riots: The State and Law in India Iqbal A. Ansari
4. Constitution and Article 356 Dr. Faizan Mustafa
5. Education and Muslims in India Since
A.W.B. Qadri,Riaz Shakir Khan, M. Akhter Siddique
6. Empowering Women: Paradigms and Strategies P. Koya
7. Empowerment of Muslims Youth in India Ishtiyaque Danish
8. Exclusion of Muslims in India: Tolerance, Participation
and Legitimacy of the State
Arshi Khan
9. Indian Muslims Since Partition Balraj Puri
10. Media in Our Globalizing World Dr. M. Manzoor Alam
11. Readings on Minorities, Perspectives & Documents
(4 Vol. Set)
Iqbal A. Ansar
12. Rise and Role of Marginalised Communities in India
Freedom Struggle
Vidya Bhushan Rawat
13. Social and Cultural Empowerment of Muslims in India M.K.A. Siddiqui
14. Social Psychological Dimension of Muslims
the Post Independence Scenario
N. Hasnain
15. Statute Law Relating to Muslims in India:
A Study in Constitutional and Islamic Perspectives
Tahir Mahmood
16. The Role of Muslims in the Indian Freedom
Struggle 1857-1947 (01,2,3,4 vol. set
Prof. Zafar Ahmad Nizami
17. The Secular Emperor Babar a Victim of Indian Partition Surinder Kaur, Sher Singh (IAS)
18. Vision 2025:Socio Economic Inequalities Whydoes
India’s Economic Growth Need an Inclusive Agenda:
Md Mohiudddin Ahmed
19. آزادی کے بعد اردو زبان و ادب سید عبد الباری
20. اسلامی قوانین ازدواج حکیم ظل الرحمٰن
21. آزادی ہند کی جدو جہد میں مسلمانوں کا کردار ۱۸۵۷-۱۹۴۷ ۳ جلدوں میں رفاقت علی خان
22. دنیا میں مسلم برادیوں کا مختصر انسائکلوپیڈیا مکمل ۳ جلد میں ایم کے اے صدیقی
23. Bharat Ke Swatantrata Sangram Mein Muslim
Mahilao Ka Yogdaan
Dr. Abida Samiuddin
24. Bharat Mein Musalmano Ka Rajnitik Sashaktikaran Z.M. Khan
25. Shiksha Dwara Musalmano Ka Sashaktikaran Mohd. Akhtar Siddiqui
26. Bharat Ke Swantantrata Sangram Mein
Musalmano Ki Bhoomika 1857-1947 Tak
Prof. Zafar Ahmad Nizami


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