TODAY, GEORGE W. BUSH said, "Islamo-facists are trying to use any means to kill us because they hate the freedom we all love."

Yes, Islamic terrorists are trying to kill us. But why? Islamic terrorists are trying to kill us because our government has been funding and arming Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine for decades now.

Islamic terrorists are trying to kill us because our government insists upon militarily occupying Muslim sovereign nations, installing U.S. military bases on their land and stealing their natural resources; namely, oil and gas.

Islamic terrorists are trying to kill us because each time Israel kills a Muslim with American-made and provided weapons, the entire Muslim world, especially Muslim terrorists, squarely and rightfully blame us for Israel's wholesale murder of Muslims.

So why does Bush and our media fervently avoid telling us this most pivotal of truths? Because Bush, Congress and our American-Zionist media hold allegiances to Israel for cash and prizes, and do not want the American people to find out the real reason why Islamic terrorists are targeting us for terrorist acts " they are worried that if the American people catch wind as to why the bad, bad terrorists are targeting us for terrorism, We The People will vote them and their Israeli supporting butts right out of office. They're worried we will start voting pro-Israel politicians, Democrat and Republican, right out of office.

Why else doesn't the media tell the American people the true reason Islamic terrorists target us for terrorism? Because our American media is owned and operated by pro-Israeli interests, over and beyond the interest of the American people. Have you ever heard our American-Zionist media tell the American people Israel has been in violation of over 65 U.N. resolutions for over 37 years now? No, you haven't.

Here's some words you've never, ever heard in your lifetime coming out of your TV set or your Congressman's mouth: "Israel must comply with the U.N. resolutions." Yet if you breathe a word in complaint of their pro-Israeli broadcasts, they immediately brand you as being anti-Semitic. Just like Howard Dean. Howard Dean said if you do not condemn Hezbollah and/or are against Israel's invasion of Lebanon, then you're an anti-Semitic Jew-hater. What a crock of spit!

Well I am NOT anti-Semitic, or anti-Jewish. I am anti-war and pro-American, though. And I oppose our Congress continuing to give Israel our hard-earned tax dollars " over four billion dollars a year and billions in bombs and weapons. I prefer NOT TO BE the target of Muslim terrorism: therefore, I am against funding and arming Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine.

One thing's for certain: as long as our Congress continues to fund and arm Israel, that's how long we will continue to be the targets of Islamic terrorism. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney still warn us: "Terrorism will not end in our lifetime, or our children's lifetime." Well no wonder" BushCo. wants to keep it that way " there's no money in peace " only in perpetual war.

Make a decision this November. Vote for you. Vote for America. Find out if your Congressman or Congressional candidate will continue to vote YES on the annual multi-billion dollar giveaway our Congress gifts to Israel each and every year. It's time we put a stop to funding and arming the madness...the madness, which returns to us in the form of Islamic terrorist attacks against the United States.g

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