The Hitler Connection Faisal Hashmi (JAN. 23, 2006)

The Hitler Connection

By Faisal Hashmi

There is a marked increase in the opposition to the Iraq war from US Congress, American citizens and sensible persons from across the world, but President George Bush is still adamant to “stay the course”. Instead of bringing coalition forces back from Iraq, President Bush has recently announced to send more troops there. This is why people are calling him a “dictator” – one who does not care for public opinion.

People have long been calling him by such name. At the beginning of the Iraq war, a number of people in America called Bush a liar, because the war was started for fictitious reasons. The UN inspection team led by Hans Blix did not find weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. The claim that Saddam had sponsored global terrorism was also proved untrue.

Now the talk of Bush’s connection with Hilter is in the air. This seems to be a bit convincing. Bush’s paternal grandfather Prescott Bush and his grandfather’s father-in-law George Herbert Walker had played an important role in the rise of Hitler. Much of the abundant wealth possessed today by Bush’s family was earned by Prescott Bush with the help of Nazi party; and in return he contributed to Nazi regime’s programme of conquering the world.

A number of books on this subject have appeared in American itself. Hitler got millions of Jews killed. Two American Jews Kurt Julius Golstein, 87, and Peter Gingold, 85, who fled Hilter’s custody to be settled in the US, claimed for a compensation of $4 billion in 2001 in a court of law.

Both of them furnished documentary proofs showing the profits of the goods made in the Auswitch concentration camp (where Jews were coerced to give tax and were later executed) were siphoned to President Bush’s grandfather, his grandfather’s father-in-law and to Nazis and their fellow-travellers.

The American court rejected the case saying it was related to the “sovereignty” of the country, yet the lawyer of Goldstein and Gingold submitted that the case should be decided in the light of International Laws, not by the principle of sovereignty. The lawyers also proposed to move the International Court of Justice headquartered in Hague. Interestingly, erstwhile US president Clinton had ordered to constitute a court to look into the case, but President Bush withdrew it.

The book of Webster G Torpal and Anton Chetchin, George Bush: The Unauthorised Biography, is very popular. America’s Union Banking Corporation also milked crores of dollars by promoting Nazis and trading in partnership with Germany. This bank’s first chairman was President Bush’s maternal grandfather, George Herbert Walker, who handed its charge to his son-in-law, Prescott Bush.

Thyssen family was the proprietor of this bank. The family owned a number of banks in many European countries. One of its important members, Fridge Thyssen, was rather too fond of Nazi party and thus he made heavy investment in it. Fridge has furnished these details in his book I Paid Hilter.

Those days Clarence Dillon was considered very influential in American capitalist system. Dillon hold sway over Wall Street, which actually is key to US capitalism. His closest partner was Samuel Bush, who was father of Prescott Bush and President Bush’s paternal grandfather. Besides car manufacturing companies, America’s big companies like Standard Oil and the Chase Manhattan Bank made good fortune while working in partnership with Nazi government. But, Bush family, his relatives and partners were in such a business that they made exorbitant amount of money.

President Bush’s grand grandfather Samuel Bush was a very influential member of the staff of German Steel Trust, which was a group of many big steel companies. This trust played a key role in the manufacture of tanks, armoured cars, and fighter jets for German army. Even after US declaration of world war against Germany in 1942, business relations between Bush family and Nazis did not come to an end. Nazis got special support in the form of heavy availability of dollars via the Netherlands. Thyssen’s Union Banking Corporation and Prescott Bush made heavy contribution to this project.

Nobody could challenge Bush family, as it was very influential. This family was also in partnership with Osama bin Laden’s company Carlyle, but they got separated after September 11. It is yet to be seen where Bush-Hitler connection and desire to capture world resources lead us to..g

(Adapted from Hindi)

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