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EDITOR's NOTE: The following is a sample of how India's anit-Muslim groups are trying to convince Israeli extremists that Muslims and Islam are to be shunned and vilified. The title of this piece is "Learn from our mistakes, Brother Israel…" Forget for a while the uncomfortable truth that these groups have always applauded Hitler's persecution of Jews. This is a good example of running with the hare and hunting with the hound. Here the Israelis are advised that they should be listeing to men like Rabbi Kahane, the Jewish equivalent of Praveen Togadia.

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The cyber space is flush with anti-Arab, anti-Muslim balderdash. ABID SHAH takes a look at some of this growing body of vicious propaganda

VILIFICATION OF A FOE IN THE WAKE OF A WAR IS indeed not unheard of. Denigrating his faith too must have been resorted to at some point, or points, of history. A psychological warfare needs its tools. Using them has not to be far from fair until the journey from war to peace is over. Afghanistan today is only limping through this tortuous course.

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