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Islamic Banking in India Scopes & Challenges

ISBN: 81-85220-76-X
Author/Editor: Javed Ahmad Khan
Price: 120.00

List of Tables I Preface III-IV 1. Introduction Ausaf Ahmad 1-38 2. The Universal Concern of Islamic Economics and Finance F.R. Faridi 39-47 3. Some Thoughts on Interest-free Banking: An Indian Perspective Abdul Hasib 49-57 4. Rationale of Islamic Banking in Indian Perspective M. Nejatullah Siddiqi 59-67 5. Operational Analysis of Financial System and Its Macro-Economic Impact From Islamic Perspective K.G. Munshi 69-76 6. Islamic Banking in Indian Context M.H. Khatkbatay 77-104 7. Islamic Banking in the Context of Changing Conventional Banking System in India Abdul Hasib & A Wahab Dalvi 105-119 8. Investment Products for Indian Muslims Mohammad Obaidullah 121-131 9. Islamic Financial Institutions in India: Economic Policies, Perceptions and Perspective M.I. Bagsiraj 133-163 10. Obstacles in the Ways of Islamic Banking in India Abdul Azim Islahi 165-170 11. Islamic Banking and Finance in the Indian Context: A Report Javed Ahmad Khan 171-178 Subject Index 179-182

A Model of Pure Interest-Free Banking

ISBN: 81-85220-16-6
Author/Editor: M. Saeed Shingeri
Price: 155.00

It is a foregone conclusion and there is no second opinion that interest-oriented economy is an social evil personal as well as universal and one of the most effective Satanic tools of exploitation. Developing countries start realizing the fact but still they find it impossible to liberate themselves from the shackles of ‘interest’ due to lack of initiative of new nations and more vigorous exploiting methods adopted, from time to time, by the dominant imperialist economies. Arrays of books are floating with this Quranic injunction. However, the book at your hands is quite different because it does not stop after explaining the evils of interest but goes beyond to form a stepping stone for a pure and interest-free banking. It does not satisfy with merely explaining the theory but has formulated the procedures necessary for establishment of a bank and various banking operations and has drawn practical guidelines for administrative, house-keeping and allied matters for a proper function with a long-term perspective. The finer points of the guidelines are made simple with a number of specimen calculation worked out for various situations. It is an immense potential for those who have initiative and crave for interest-free banking, with an exploitation-free society at heart. It is a unique, comprehensive, practical and purely interest-free banking model. It shows you that if you invest money in money for interest (Riba), the result will be more money (inflation), but the value of money will be decreased. But if you invest money in production, the result will be healthy growth and steady increase in money value, which will bring about a pleasant life in your societies. This is one reason why Riba (interest) has been prohibited in Islam and investment of money in productive activities has been strongly recommended. It gives you ways of guarding against the ills of interest bearing societies. It is a system which can be implemented in any part of the world. It solely based on Shari’ah principles: Mudarabah, Murabaha, Ijarah and Musharakah, developed systematically from the point of view of investment of money. It is a model approved by Shari’ah authority.

Islamic Sciences Ethics, Law, Education, Economics, Politics, Sociology, and Systems Planning

ISBN: 81-7898-043-6 (PB)
Author/Editor: S. Waqar Ahmed Husaini
Price: 310.00 INR

Islamic Science

Perspectives on Islamic Economics

ISBN: 81-85220-27-1
Author/Editor: Dr. Manzoor Alam
Price: 1.00 INR

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