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A definitive work on the fast-changing world of the media;
Presenting the critical issues that plague the media in Asia and the world;
Highlighting the diversity of perspectives on key subjects of global importance;
Incorporating themes for future media research in India and the developing world…

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General Editors:
Dr Mohd Manzoor Alam, Mohd Z Haque, R Mansukhani, R Malcolm
Contributing Editor: Paranjoy GuhaThakurta

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IOS Book Media in Our Globalizing World Released

December 09, 2014 at Constitution Club of India

L-R: Prof. Z. M. Khan, Secretary General, IOS; Mr. Naseem Ahmad, IAS (Retd.), Chairman, National Commission for Minorities; Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar, Former Union Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas; Mr. K. Rahman Khan, Former Union Minister of Minority Affairs; Dr. M. Manzoor Alam, Chairman, IOS; Mrs. Sheila Dikshit, Former Chief Minister of Delhi; Mr. Syed Faisal Ali, Group Head, Rashtriya Sahara Daily & Aalami Sahara News Channel; Mr. John Dayal, Senior Journalist & Member, National Integration Council; Mr. Mohammad Zeyaul Haque, Senior Journalist; Mr. Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, Independent Journalist-Film Maker

The Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) organised a function at the Deputy Speaker Hall, Constitution Club of India Annexe, New Delhi on December 9, 2014 to mark the release of the book Media in Our Globalizing World. The book, brought out by the IOS, deals with various aspects of the media in the present context. Delivering a lecture on the theme, former Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas and currently member of the Rajya Sabha, Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar remarked, “We are in a globalising world, but the Indian media is not in the globalising world”. More...

Uploaded on December 1, 2014

Some Progress at Last

After years of effort the struggle for having a full-fledged Islamic banking system in India met with a moderate measure of success when the State Bank of India announced last week that it would launch a Shariah-compliant mutual fund in December.

It is for the first time that a state-owned bank is to start an Islamic financial instrument in India. The SBI has got both the Reserve Bank of India’s and the government’s permission for it. Happily, Muslim leaders have already welcomed it.

Light at end of tunnel, finally

Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam on the new development towards Islamic banking in India

The Reserve Bank Governor Mr D. Subba Rao’s recent announcement constitutes a significant advance in the field of Islamic banking and finance in India, which has been a cherished goal for all of us, and for the attainment of which the Institute of Objective Studies has worked tirelessly over the last quarter century.

Although in Islamic finance we have already made substantial advance in India in terms of growing acceptance of Shariah-compliant investments and other Shariah-compliant financial services and products. The IOS, with the collaboration of financial consultants Estwind, developed a Shariah index of thousands of companies in India, which has helped pious Muslim investors to invest safely.

However, Islamic banking itself has been a far more tougher nut to crack. Finally, it has begun to crack and we hope to have a proper Islamic banking system in India, which so far had no such institution. Despite a huge body of research carried out by the IOS, and a large number of books published by us, introducing a large number of issues of Islamic economics to the wider society, the scene did not seem to change even a wee bit.

Lectures on
'The Impacts of Interfaith Movement on Peace, Justice and Sustainability', and 'An Islamic Approach to Terrorism'
IOS Aligarh Chapter and Dept. of Sunni Theology, AMU, Aligarh

December 2, 2014 at Lounge of Faculty of Arts, AMU, Aligarh

L-R: Dr. Mufti Zahid Ali Khan, Chairman of Sunni Theology; Prof. Salahuddin Qureshi; Dr. Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, Chairman, Parliament of World's Religions, Chicago, USA; Prof. Mohammad Muqim, Coordinator, IOS Aligarh Chapter

Two lectures were organised by the Institute of Objective Studies, Aligarh Chapter and the Department of Sunni Theology, Aligarh Muslim University on December 2, 2014 at 11:00 am in the Lounge of Faculty of Arts, AMU, Aligarh. More...

IOS Lecture on “Orientalism and Empire Building: A Study of British Scholar-Travellers to Arabia (20th Century)”

November 22, 2014 at IOS Conference Hall

A lecture on “Orientalism and Empire Building: A Study of British Scholar-Travellers to Arabia (20th Century)” was organised at IOS Conference Hall here on November 22, 2014. Delivering the lecture, Prof. Ishtiyaque Danish, Associate Professor of Islamic Studies, Jamia Hamdard, noted that the Orientalists of the 19th century concentrated more on art, literature and culture, and the British travellers who travelled to China and Arabia did the same. In the later years, the study of the Muslim world developed into a specialised field. What contributed to the interest of the Britishers in the study was their thinking that they were superior to the Arabs. He argued that such scholarship was always backed by imperial purposes. This was the reason why Britain and the West did not view the Muslim world from a realistic angle, but treated it as a problem, he pointed out. More...

IOS Lecture on Ghadar Movement

November 15, 2014 at IOS Conference Hall

A lecture on “Ghadar Movement and Need for its Commemoration”, was organised by the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) here on November 15, 2014. Dr. Onkar Mittal, President, Civil Society Network, New Delhi, who delivered the lecture, pointed out that the study of the history of Indian national movement would not be complete till it was understood in the context of the Ghadar and Reshmi Rumal movements from 1913-1915. More...

IOS Lecture on "Quran, Sunnah and Medicine"

November 12, 2014 at IOS Conference Hall

The Institute of Objective Studies (IOS), organised a lecture on "Quran, Sunnah and Medicine" in its Conference Hall on November 12, 2014. Delivering the lecture, noted ENT specialist of Saudi Arabia and the former Vice-President, Saudi Otorhinolaryngology Society, Dr. Abdulaziz Abdullah Jifrey noted that the Quran and Hadith had offered wonder drugs for treating "all diseases, except death". Referring to the early life of Muslims, he said that the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), after realising the hardships faced by them, prescribed treatment for various ailments. These formed part of the Hadith. Similarly, the Quran was a repository of knowledge of plants, flowers, fruits and agri-products that had medicinal attributes, he observed. More...

IOS organises Lecture on “Islamic Research Methodology”

September 20, 2014 at IOS Conference Hall

New Delhi, September 20, 2014: The Institute of Objective Studies (IOS), organised a lecture on “Islamic Research Methodology” in its Conference Room here today. Delivering the lecture, the Director, Centre for Promotion of Educational and Cultural Advancement of India (CEPECAMI), Aligarh Muslim University, Prof. Shamim Ahmed Ansari, said that research was an art of scientific knowledge which was careful investigation or enquiry, especially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge. Explaining Islamic research methodology, he said that it was very much related to the methodology of social sciences research. Islamic research methodology must be Islamic in nature and should focus on social problems. It should begin with exploring the problem and then identifying it. The application of knowledge in the process was important. He contended that a research that failed to benefit society was an exercise in futility. More...

Dato’ Jahubar Sathik Bin Abdul Razak visits
Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) on September 17, 2014

New Delhi: Sep. 17, 2014: “The Institute is doing great work for the Indian community and Muslim ummah as a whole”, said Dato' Jahubar Sathik bin Abdul Razak, an eminent businessman and Group Managing Director & Executive Director of Bina Darulaman Bhd., Malaysia, while interacting in a meeting of the office-bearers held today at the Institute. He termed his visit to the Institute as an “honour and humbling experience”. He was highly impressed with the activities and programmes undertaken by the IOS and was all praise for the efforts of Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam, Chairman. He prayed to Allah for the success of the Institute in all its endeavours and for long life, good health and resources to Dr. Manzoor Alam to continue to steer and lead the IOS to many more milestones. More...

2-Day Meeting of IOS Governing Council and General Assembly concludes
Prof. Faizan Mustafa’s Lecture on “Judicial Independence and Appointment of Judges”

September 6-7, 2014 at IOS Conference Hall

New Delhi, Sep. 7, 2014: The 28th annual meeting of the Governing Council (GC) and General Assembly (GA) of the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) concluded here today. The meeting discussed in detail subjects on the agenda and decided to go ahead with new projects.

According to the Chairman of the IOS, Dr. M. Manzoor Alam, it was unanimously decided at the meeting to hold a national seminar on “Minority Rights and Identities and Constitutional Safeguards: the Role of State, Judiciary and Civil Society”. He said that the proposal of Prof. Faizan Mustafa to undertake research on “State Criminal Justice System and Challenges to Individual Liberty: A Critical Evaluation of Criminal Statutes of last Twenty Years”, was also unanimously accepted. More...

Syed Mustafa Rifai Presented 10th IOS Shah Waliullah Award

August 23, 2014 at Bangalore

The Institute of Objective Studies organised a one-day national seminar on “Islamic sufism” and presentation of IOS Shah Waliullah Award 2012 at the Conference Hall of Darul Uloom Sabil-ur-Rashad in Bangalore on August 23, 2014.

Presiding over the function Hakim-ul-Millat, Amir-e-Shariat Karnataka, Hazrat Shah Mufti Mohammad Ashraf Ali Baqvi, explained that Islamic thought connoted faith and action. These elements were needed to beautify everything. He insisted that the life of a Muslim should always reflect that he constantly believed in the greatness of Allah. More...

Lecture on “Dynamics of Democracy: Minority Related
Questions in Parliament

August 9, 2014 at IOS Conference Hall

A lecture on the “Dynamics of Democracy: Minority related Questions in Parliament”, was organised by the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) here on August 9, 2014. Dr. Mohd. Aftab Alam, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Zakir Husain College who delivered the lectures said that the quality of questions relating to the minorities raised in Parliament, was a matter of concern. More...

Information and Knowledge Blended with Education Ensures Success: Delhi Minorities Commission, Chairman, Qamar Ahmad

Certificate Distribution Programme of IOS Computer Learning Centre

June 28, 2014 at IOS Conference Hall

New Delhi, June 28, 2014: Distributing certificates to 25 girl students who passed the six-monthly course “Diploma in Computer Applications and Multi-Lingual DTP” run by the IOS Centre for Computer Learning with the financial assistance of the Delhi Minorities Commission, the Chairman of the Commission, Mr. Qamar Ahmad observed that the complaints of communal bias and discrimination were often heard about, but if one was equipped with the information and knowledge, one’s capability could not be ignored. In that case, one would be crowned with success irrespective of the field he or she belonged. More...

Prof. Z.M. Khan’s Lecture on “Islamic Worldview: A Reflection”

June 21, 2014 at IOS Conference Hall

Former professor of Political Science and Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Jamia Millia Islamia and Secretary-General of the Institute of Objective Studies, Prof. Z.M. Khan has said the Islamic worldview is comprehensive and presents a well-knit scheme to provide knowledge and explanation about the seen and unseen as explained in the Qur’an. It gives ways and methods to achieve values, establish basic ethical precepts and create a balance in everything, he said, adding that nobody was allowed to exceed the limits prescribed. More...

Seventh Lecture under Series on Indian Constitution
International Human Rights, Norms for the Protection
of Minorities and the Indian Constitution

June 07, 2014 at IOS Conference Hall

Delivering the Seventh Lecture under the series on the Indian Constitution on ‘International Human Rights, Norms for the Protection of Minorities and the Indian Constitution’, organised by the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) here on June 7, 2014, the Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, Dr. Eqbal Hussain observed that the human rights were the articulation of the need for justice, tolerance, mutual respect and human dignity in all of our activities. He said that the traditional first generation rights were incorporated as fundamental rights in part-III and the second generation human rights were included as directive principles of state policy in part-IV of the Indian Constitution. More...

Discussion on the “Changing Context of Education in India: A Review”

June 04, 2014 at IOS Conference Hall

With the installation of BJP government at the Centre, the Ministry of Human Resource Development, under Smt. Smriti Irani, is all set to unveil a plan that is causing concern among the leaders of the community. HRD Minister has drawn up a list of 10 priorities that point to the shape of things to come. The Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) took the initiative to elicit views of academics at a discussion on “Changing Context of Education in India: A Review” at the conference Hall of the Institute on June 4, 2014. More...

Sixth Qazi Mujahidul Islam Memorial Lecture on “Communal Interpretation of Indian History: A Review”

May 24, 2014 at IOS Conference Hall

Communal interpretation works both ways. It is both a product and the generator of communalism. Unity of thought among Hindu and Muslim communal historians along with the British imperialist school did not end up with the creation of Pakistan, they still practise communal historiography. More...     Full Lecture     Milli Gazette Report

Rigorous research needed about women and family issues

April 15, 2014

Calicut, April 15: The Institute of Objective Studies is getting ready to study the problems and prospects of tremendous upsurge in women’s empowerment, said Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam, the Chairman of Institute of Objective Studies.

He was on a short visit to Calicut to discuss the proposed Centre for Women and Family Studies to be established in Calicut as a part of the decision taken in the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Institute. He was addressing a select group of activists drawn from different areas.More...

Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi has recently completed a research study on ‘Provision of Civic Amenities in the Muslim Localities of Delhi’ with an objective to understand the genesis of problem at policy and governance level by evaluation of the pattern of expenditure by various government agencies like Municipal Corporation, Delhi Government, Public Works Department and Central Government under its various minority welfare schemes.

The findings of the research study were made available to all concerned at the governmental/policy makers’ level with an attempt to draw their attention and formulate strategy for providing better civic amenities facilities in the Muslim localities of Delhi in coming days.

Times of India, the English daily, carried a comprehensive report based on the above research study in its consecutive five editions (April 20-24, 2014).

The report published by the newspaper is reproduced below for the benefit of readers:
  Provision of Civic Amenities in the Muslim Localities of Delhi




Chairman, Institute of Objective Studies
New Delhi (India)


We have first to know what dialogue is not, before coming down to what dialogue is. And from there we have to proceed to placing it in its historical perspective and see how in today’s context the youth can have a role of enhancing its value.

So, first what dialogue is not. Dialogue is not about establishing a “we versus they” equation and creating a hegemony for our own ideas vis-à-vis their ideas. It is not about creating a hierarchy of ideas.

It is also not about an exchange of blames nor for trading of charges. Additionally, dialogue is not about agreement or disagreement.

Now, what dialogue is. It is a healing process. A warm, human gesture. An open-ended exchange of ideas without forcing anyone to take a certain position or insisting on anyone to take a stand. More...

Two-day Seminar on
INDIA 100 YEARS (1947 – 2047)

March 8-9, 2014 at MSS Auditorium Calicut
Organised by
Institute of Objective Studies, Calicut Chapter in association with
Centre for Human Resource Development

Prof. ZM Khan, Secretary General of IOS, New Delhi Inaugurates the seminar

Calicut: Institute of objective studies Calicut Chapter conducted a Seminar on India 100 Years (1947-2047) Muslim Agenda, Past, Present and Future in association with Centre for Human Resource Development, Manjeri (CHRD) on 8th & 9th March 2014 at MSS Auditorium Calicut, Kerala. Br. A A Vahab, Secretary IOS, Calicut Chapter welcomed the audience. Prof. ZM Khan, Secretary General of IOS, New Delhi Inaugurated the seminar. CHRD Director Abdurahman Darimi presided over the meeting. Jamal Kochangadi, P.T. Kunhali, Dr. A.Jadeeda, Abdul Majeed Nadvi, Dr. A Nizarudheen, Dr. A.I.Rahmathullah, Sadarudheen Vazhakkad, Munawir Kodiyathur, Dr. Z.A. Ashraf, V.M.Fahad, P.K.Hameed Kutty, C.Davood, Prof. A.P.Abdul Vahab, A.P.Kunhamu, A. Saeed, Ashraf Kalpatta, O.Abdullah, Civic Chandran, N.P.Chekkutty, Karamana Ashraf Moulavi, A Vasu, presented different topics in the seminar.

C.T.Sulaiman expressed vote of thanks. The programme started at 10.30 AM on Saturday and ended at 6.30 PM on Sunday March 2014.

Chiefs of National Commission for Minorities, Delhi Minorities Commission, and Akhtarul Wasey Honoured at IOS

March 18, 2014

New Delhi, March 18: The Institute of Objective Studies (IOS), organised a ‘felicitation ceremony’ to honour Mr. Naseem Ahmed, IAS, on his appointment as Chairman, National Commission for Minorities, Prof. Akhtarul Wasey, who joined as Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities in India and Mr. Qamar Ahmad, IPS, on his appointment as Chairman, Delhi Minorities Commission at the Conference Hall of the IOS here.

Presiding over the function, the Chairman of the IOS, Dr. M. Manzoor Alam readily accepted Prof. Akhtaraul Wasey’s suggestion to take the notice of the U.P. government’s indifference to the plight of Urdu-medium schools and the present state of affairs in the Urdu-medium schools in Delhi where a fairly good number of teachers, vice-principals and principals possessed no knowledge of Urdu. More...

Canadian delegation’s visit to the Institute of Objective Studies

March 14, 2014

New Delhi, March 14: “The activities and programmes undertaken by the IOS are of great significance. We are familiarised with it while being in Canada.” The view was expressed by the chief of a delegation from Canada, Dr Saeed Faizi Nadvi, President of Al-Nadwa Centre, Canada visited the Institute today.

He said in Karachi, he advised the late Hakeem Saeed regarding the precious legacy of Muslims. He advised Saeed Sahib, (The founder of Hamdard and Madeenatul-Hikma University in Pakistan) on the occasion of extension of Madeenatul-Hikma University to work on Muslim physicians, practitioners of indigenous system of medicine, doctors and surgeons, who deserved to be presented before modern readers. He mentioned that Hakeem Saheb appreciated it and assured to undertake this painstaking work.

Unfortunately, he did not get the time to do it due to his sad demise. But the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) took an initiative by commemorating the 1000th anniversary of Abul Qasim al-Zahrawi a legendry physician and surgeon.

On the occasion, Prof Z. M. Khan, Secretary General of the Institute, presented him with some research publications brought out by the Institute such as Political Empowerment of Muslims in India and Empowerment of MuslimsThrough Education.

Maulana Khalid Husain Nadwi introduced the various welfare and academic activities of the IOS.

Dr Nakhat Hussain Nadwi emphasised the need to work with more focus on the academic activities.

Aligarh, March 01: Key-note Address delivered by Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam Chairman, Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi in a Two-day National Seminar on “Traditional Versus Modern Education: Vision and Planning of Muslim Institutions” on March 1-2, 2014 organised by Centre for Promotion of Education and Cultural Advancement of Muslims of India (CEPECAMI), Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. More...

Integrating and Expanding all Kinds of Knowledge: A Concept Note

IOS Discussion on “Voting Patterns in India with Reference to Tactical Voting by Muslims”

February 27, 2014 at IOS Conference Hall, New Delhi

New Delhi, Feb. 27: Participants at the discussion on “Voting Patterns in India with Reference to Tactical Voting by Muslims”, endorsed the resolutions moved by the Chairman of the Institute of Objective Studies, Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam, at the conference hall of the IOS here today.

The participants unequivocally supported Dr. Alam’s proposal to forestall the march of communal forces, free Muslims of Modi-phobia, defeat the affiliates of the RSS, like the BJP and Shiv Sena, and such parties as have leanings towards the BJP. His proposal to strike a chord among secular forces, Dalits and other deprived and depressed sections found wide support among the participants who represented academia, political parties, NGOs, social activists, human rights activists, social thinkers, researchers, psephologists and opinion makers. More...

IOS Workshop on the Contemporary Political Scenario in India

February 15, 2014 at IOS Conference Hall, New Delhi

The Chairman of the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS), Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam, has urged Muslim leaders, representing different groups, to reach an understanding for working out an agenda to approach the political parties to pledge support to their demands. Presiding over the discussion on the “Contemporary Political Scenario in India “organised by the IOS at its Conference Hall here on February 15, 2014, he admitted that Muslim groups united and broke several times in the past. But the current political situation had once again offered them an opportunity to be realistic about their demands. More...

IOS Felicitates Prof. M. Ishtiyaque and Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed

February 08, 2014 at IOS Conference Hall, New Delhi

The Institute of Objective Studies (IOS), organised a felicitation ceremony on February 8, 2014, to honour Prof. M. Ishtiyaque, Member, General Assembly and Managing Editor, IOS Journal of Objective Studies on his appointment as the Vice-Chancellor of Magadh University, Bodh Gaya (Bihar), and Mr. Mushtaq Ahmed, advocate-on-record in the Supreme Court of India, on his election to the Executive Committee of India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi. More...

IOS Computer Learning Centre is a phenomenal institute: Safdar H. Khan

January 11, 2014 at IOS Conference Hall, New Delhi

New Delhi, 11th January: A programme was conducted at IOS building, 162, Jamia Nagar, to dispense the passing certificate to the students who passed their six-month diploma course in computer Application and Multilingual DTP, which is running with the financial support of Delhi Minority commission. The certificates were distributed by Safdar H Khan, chairman of Delhi Minorities Commission.

He distributed certificates to the 29 students who had completed their courses. He presented mementos to Shumayela, Tasmia and Saba Parveen, the students who secured first, second and third rank respectively. He put his view that the course would be a milestone in the successful careers of the students. Mr. Khan also reviewed the activities of the Computer Centre and said it peerless institute’ in Delhi. He also praised IOS for its prodigious achievements. More...

Discussion on the Waqf (Amendment) Act,
2013: Impact on Human Welfare

January 07, 2014 at IOS Conference Room, New Delhi

The Institute of Objective Studies (IOS), organised a discussion on the “Waqf (Amendment) Act, 2013: Impact on Human Welfare”, at the IOS Conference hall here on January 7, 2014. While the former Chief Justice of India, Justice A.M. Ahmadi presided over the meet, Union Minister for Minority Affairs, Mr. K. Rahman Khan, attended it as a chief guest.

Addressing the gathering at the seminar, the minister described the Waqf Amendment Act as “perfect” as it passed through various stages before being finally okayed by Parliament. He said that a number of suggestions made by the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) and Muslim institutions, as also the religious leaders of the community, had been incorporated in the Waqf Act. More...

Three-day International Conference
Revisiting Abul Qasim Al-Zahrawi's Legacy in Medicine and Surgery

December 13-15, 2013 at India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi

الزهراوي نموذج للطب المتميز بالقيم
السيد كي رحمان خان، وزير شئون الأقليات للحكومة الهندية

L-R: Dr. Ahmad Abdul Hai, MD & Chief Consultant, Hai Medicare & Research Institute, Patna; Dr. Mahmoud Al-Haj Kasim Mohammed, President, Iraq Medical Association, Scholar and Writer of Arab and Muslim’s Medical History, Iraq; Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam, Chairman, Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi; Mr. Harish Chandra Singh Rawat, Hon’ble Minister of Water Resources, Govt. of India; Mr. K. Rahman Khan, Hon’ble Minister of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India; Prof. Omar Hasan Kasule, Sr. Faculty of Medicine, King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh, KSA; Dr. Salih Saad Abdul Qadir Al-Ansari, Chairman of Islamic Medical Committee, World Assembly of Muslim Youth, Riyadh, KSA

New Delhi: The Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) in association with the Hyderabad-based Muslim Educational Social and Cultural Organisation (MESCO) and the India Islamic Culture Centre organised a three-day international conference to mark the 1000th year of the death of Abu-al-Qasim al-Zahrawi, an all-time great physician and surgeon from Andalusia (Arab Spain) from December 13 to December 15 at India Islamic Culture Centre here.

The inaugural session on December 13 began with a recital from the holy Quran by Maulana Abdullah Tarique. Union Minister for Minority Affairs, Mr. K. Rahman Khan in his inaugural address described the meet as “one of the rarest conferences” he had attended in which a good number of scholars and ulema and muftis from the Muslim world were present. Recalling the contribution of Islam to peace and humanity, he said that the Muslim scholars took the message of the holy Quran and Hadith to the world outside. More...

IOS Consultative Meet on Communal Violence Bill

November 20, 2013 at IOS Meeting Room, New Delhi

New Delhi, Nov. 20, 2013: A consensus emerged on the efficacy and purposefulness of the proposed Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, 2013 at a consultative meeting organised by the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) here last evening.

Participants at the meeting, drawn from legal and academic fraternity and social service, unequivocally acknowledged that the proposed bill was certainly an improvement over the previous two bills of 2005 and 2011. More...

IOS Chairman, Dr. M. Manzoor Alam’s letter sent to Chief Ministers on Communal Violence Bill


Group of Experts’ Suggestions on
Wakf Amendment Act 2013

October 08, 2013 at IICC, New Delhi

New Delhi, October 9: A group of experts, concerned citizens, jurists and activists has made suggestions regarding the Wakf Amendment Act 2013.

The group was brought together by Institute of Objective Studies at a conference for a review of the Act here last evening at India Islamic Culture Centre included the following:

Dr Mohammad Manzoor Alam, Chairman IOS; Justice Abdus Sattar Qureshi, former judge of the Gujarat High Court; Justice Fakhruddin, former judge of Madhya Pradesh High Court, Justice A.M. Ahmadi, former Chief Justice of India; Dr M. R. Haque (Qaiser Shamim) former secretary, Central Waqf Council; Syed Zafar Mahmood, president Zakat Foundation of India; MU Siddiqui formerly deputy secretary (Home); PA Inamdar and Dr Fakhruddin Mohammad, educationists. More...

Proceedings of the Panel Discussion on Wakf Amendment Act, 2013


Two-day International Conference on
India and Muslim World in the 21st Century

February 15-16, 2013 at Constitution Club, Anexe, Rafi Marg, New Delhi

L-R: Prof. Z.M. Khan, Secretary General, Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi; H.E. Mr. Abdul Rahman Ghannam M. AlGhannam, Undersecretary, Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Da’wah and Guidance, Riyadh, KSA; Mr. Harish Chandra Singh Rawat, Union Minister of Water Resources, Govt. of India; Mr. K. Rahman Khan, Union Minister of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India; Dr. M. Manzoor Alam, Chairman, Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi; Maulana Dr. Saeed Al Azami Al Nadwi, Chancellor, Integral University and Chief Editor, Al Baas Al Islami, Lucknow; Prof. Aftab Kamal Pasha, Director, Gulf Studies Programme, Centre for West Asian & African Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi

New Delhi, Feb. 15: A two-day international conference on “India and the Muslim World in the 21st Century” began here today with a recitation from the holy Quran by Maulana Abdullah Tarique. The programme was organised by the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) at the Constitution Club.

IOS General Secretary Prof. ZM Khan welcomed the guests and introduced the IOS in its 27th year of existence. He talked about the considerable research and publication, seminar and symposia the institute had done so far, as well as about its year-long Silver Jubilee celebrations, over which period it organised 14 international seminars across the country. He also talked about its proposed university.

The conference was formally inaugurated by Union Minister of Minority Affairs, K Rahman Khan, who hoped that India and the Muslim world would unite to prevent the mistakes of the 20th century, which was marked by colonial exploitation and monumental violence.

He said India, “the largest and highly successful democracy”, had a long history of relationship with the Muslim world and Islam, which preaches peace and unity of humanity.

Fifth Qazi Mujahidul Islam Memorial Lecture at IOS

New Delhi, May 18: Islamic thought has the proven potential to unite and heal a fractious world creaking under pressures of racial and ethnic strife and ravaged by commercial greed, Prof. Syed Abdul Bari said here today.

He was delivering the Fifth Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi Lecture at the Institute of Objective Studies on “Universality of Islamic Thought.” Prof. Abdul Bari said that without the necessary framework of revealed knowledge, humanity cannot be held together merely on the basis of empirical knowledge.

He said that rampant utilitarianism, consumerism and globalisation had weakened the human capability for empathy and altruism. The Islamically-guided ways of reformers like Maulana Ilyas, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Maulana Abul Ala Mawdudi and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad (all of whom guided the Subcontinent for several decades in the 20th century) were still relevant.

He said to achieve the high standards of Islamic morality one had to rise above petty personal gains and foolish prejudices. “As mischief mongers are trying to distort the real face of Islam, Muslims should strive to project the true picture in their writings and day-to-day conduct,” Prof. Abdul Bari said.

He also emphasised the importance of giving a better deal to Muslim women for creating a more just society and improving the image of the faith tarnished by hostile propagandists.

IOS Secretary General Prof. Z.M. Khan, who chaired the proceedings, began his concluding remarks with an introduction of IOS and late Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi. He said that a new contextual reading of Islam was essential for the faith’s growth in the 21st century.

The programme began with a recital of the holy Quran by Maulana Abdullah Tarique and ended with a vote of thanks by Prof. Ishteyaque Danish, Finance Secretary of the IOS.

IOS meet to commemorate Al-Zahrawi on 1000th anniversary

New Delhi, April 13: The Institute of Objective Studies has decided to organise a three-day international conference on Abul Qasim al-Zahrawi, to mark the 1000th death anniversary of the pioneer physician and surgeon. The conference will be held from December 13 through 16, 2013 at New Delhi.

The above decision was taken at a consultative meeting held today at the Institute which was attended by experts of surgery, medicine and Tib. The Institute’s Chairman Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam said that the conference is being organised to highlight the wide-ranging contributions of Abul Qasim al-Zahrawi to medicine and surgery. Eminent doctors, surgeons, medial scientists and experts of Tib from within and outside the country will participate in the conference.

Those who participated in the meeting included Dr. Ahmad Abdul Hai (Patna), Dr. Fakhruddin Mohammad (Hyderabad), Prof. Dr. M. Amanullah Khan (Aligarh), Prof. Hakeem Zillur Rahman (Aligarh), Dr. M. Farooque, Al-Shifa Hospital, Delhi; Dr. Shakeel Tamanna, Majeedia Hospital, Delhi; Dr. Altaf Ahmad Azmi, Delhi; Prof. A.R. Momin, Mumbai; Prof. Z.M. Khan; Prof. Rifaqat Ali Khan, Prof. Ishteyaque Danish; Dr. Ausaf Ahmad and Prof. Sanghasen Singh (all from Delhi).

Lecture on ‘the impact of the concept of ‘urf (local culture) in islamic legal philosophy on multi-cultural harmony and world peace

New Delhi, March 6, 2013: A thought-provoking lecture on the above topic was delivered by Prof. Alparslan ACIKGENC, Director, Graduate School for the Humanities and Social Sciences and Professor of Philosophy at Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey today at the Institute.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bayram, Dean of Chemical and Metallurgy; Prof. Ulvi Avciata, Dean, Faculty of Social Science and literature, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul; Dr. Chi Woo-Won, Pusan University, South Korea and Mr. Ali Akkiz, President, Indialogue Foundation were also present on the occasion.

The programme was presided over by Dr. M. Manzoor Alam, Chairman of the Institute of Objective Studies and participated by eminent persons from different disciplines.

Below is the link of his speech.

Impact of Urf.pdf

Lecture on Indo-Bahrain Relations

New Delhi, February 12, 2013: Dr. Abdul Gaffar, advisor to King of Bahrain on diplomatic matters, paid a visit to the IOS Headquarters and delivered a lecture on Indo-Bahrain Relations. He put a great deal emphasis on strengthening the close ties that already exist between India and Bahrain. He further said that the bilateral relationship needs to be further increased and deepened on both official as well as public level. He opined that people to people contract was very important between the two nations.

Going back into history, Dr. Gaffar remarked that India and Bahrain are linked together since ancient time. It is said that the relationship between the two nations started before the emergence of Islam and have been quite cordial all through history. He further said that the two countries came closer and closer after India’s independence. Today the age-old relationship is deep and multidimensional and yet can be increased further, he said. He especially said that the two countries can further cooperate in the fields of education, economy and culture.

During the course of his lecture Dr. Gaffar also highlighted the importance of Gulf Cooperation Council and remarked that Bahrain was playing a positive and constructive role in providing stability in the region. He criticized the negative role of Iran and Syria in the region and urged India to play its role positively. He opined that a stable Gulf region was in every one’s favour. All the concerned require to behave wisely ad responsibly to bring about stability in the region, because unity and stability will bring prosperity and development to one and all, he said. He also said that Islamic banking was flourishing in Bahrain and playing a very important role in its economy.

Speaking on the occasion Dr. M. Manzoor Alam highlighted the important feature’s of India’s foreign policy which mainly seeks to establish peace and cooperation between nations. “We are passing through a time when the economic power is shifting from America and Europe to Asia where India is emerging as a very strong economic power”, opined Dr. Alam. He also said that in such a scenario it would be in the interest of both, India and Bahrain to strengthen their bilateral lies. As a Think Tank the IOS has been playing its role through conferences and suitable literature. Dr. Alam informed that the IOS had planned to organize a conference in Bahrain to discuss such issues but unfortunately it could not materialize. He opined that there was a need to prepare a healthy literature in this regard in which the IOS can play a vital role. He also touched on the delicate issue of Iran and asked all the concerned to understand and present related issues dispassionately so that the ways of cooperation may be found. Dr. Alam said that the Muslim world needed to register rapid developments, including inventions, in the field of science and technology. The Muslim world needs to invest a great deal in science and technology education and can seek and receive a lot of help from India, he said.

Prof. Aftab Kamal Pasha, an expert of Gulf Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi remarked that ideologues like Dr. Gaffar can play a positive and vital role in strengthening the bilateral relations of India and Bahrain. He said that Dr. Gaffar received his higher education at Pune University and has been visiting India frequently because of which he is well are of India’s culture, history, economy and political realities. He is, therefore, wellplaced to play a role, said Dr. Pasha.

Prof. Z.M. Khan introduced the IOS and Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Advocate conducted the programme.


Scintillating Presentation by Dr Shariff

Deals with ways of increasing inclusion and creating equal opportunity

New Delhi, February 1, 2013: Eminent development economist Dr Abusaleh Shariff, principal author of the Sachar Report and chief scholar US-India Policy Institute (Washington), made a scintillating presentation on “A Vision for India: Equality, Duty and Equal Opportunity” here at the India Islamic Culture Centre.

Dr Shariff, who had been ailing for sometime, presented some key points of his larger report, deciding on an abbreviated version because of his health. He focused on what held back efforts to extend inclusion of marginalised groups, particularly Muslims, in economic development.

Placing the “local” perspective within a macro picture, he pointed out three major factors that curtailed the access of the excluded to benefits, entitlements and the general social and economic good. Firstly, “societal factors are sustaining exclusion”, he asserted.

By “societal factors,” he explained, he meant caste formations, religious and ethnic groupings and the like to be naturally excluding. Some were, and had been, powerful for decades and centuries, while others remained dispossessed and disadvantaged. This had to be redressed for creating an inclusive economy, polity and society.


21 Jan 2013 at Arts Faculty Lounge, Aligarh Muslim University


One-day methodology workshop on “research methodology: fundamentals and practices” was organised at Aligrah Muslim University with the financial support of the Institute of Objective Studies and the collaborative efforts of departments like CEPECAMI, Political Science, Sociology, Social Work, Linguistic and philosophy for building research capacity of research scholars in social science. This was organized keeping in view the dilemma that many students face to carry out a research in a more systematic manner because of lack of understanding of ‘fundamentals of research’ despite the course work on research methodology during graduation and post graduation levels. The workshop basically focused on helping participants to understand basics of research methodology with special focus on writing a research proposal. This programme was attended by 157 registered participants belonging to different disciplines and categories like few undergraduates and more from Masters, M.Phil, Ph.D, including scholars from foreign countries. The workshop continued between 9:30 am to 5:00 pm with lunch and tea breaks.

IOS Lecture on Sentencing Policy

on January 14, 2013 at IOS Meeting Room

New Delhi, January 14, 2013: Sentencing policies adopted by Judges generally reflect the historical, social, economic and psychological melieu of the societies in which they operate, Prof. M. Afzal Wani, professor of law at GGSIP University (Delhi) and member Law Commission of India, said here today.
He was delivering a lecture on “Sentencing Policies in the Modern World: Suitability and Effectiveness” at the conference room of Institute of Objective Studies. The programme began with a recitation from the holy Quran by Maulana Khalid Nadwi.
He put the issue in the philosophical context of crime and punishment and how different societies had been trying to cope with crime and its consequences on a legal plane.
Prof. Wani traced the rise in crime rates since the time of rise of capitalism and Industrial Revolution in Europe that spread to other parts of the world with colonial expansion. The youth began to be motivated by monetary gain alone (by fair means or foul) and jettisoned moral restraint in pursuit of money and the transient pleasures it could buy.
He put the present wave of crime in Indian cities in the context of crass materialism. He suggested looking into the Quran for a moral anchor and the creation of a just society.
In his comments Prof. Iqbal Hussein said sentencing policies reflected the general moral climate of a society. In his presidential remarks, IOS General Secretary Prof. Z.M. Khan said sentencing policies were founded on the ethos of a society.
The programme was conducted by Mushtaq Ahmad, advocate on record, the Supreme Court of India.

Certificate Distribution Ceremony Among Muslim Girls by Mr. K. Rahman Khan, Minister of Minority Affairs

On 26 December, 2012 at IOS Conference Hall

New Delhi, Dec. 26: “Sachar Committee’s report is a mirror of Muslims’ condition in India and its recommendation are not only for the government, but also for the Muslims of India who themselves have to come forward to work on different sectors to which they have been left behind and work together with the Indian government for removing their backwardness in different spheres”. These views were expressed by Mr. K. Rahman Khan, Minister for Minority Affairs, while distributing certificates among the successful Muslim girl students of IOS Centre for Computer Learning at a function, jointly organised by the Institute of Objective Studies and Delhi Minorities Commission here today. While appreciating the efforts made by the Institute of Objective Studies he said that despite being a research institution the IOS had objectively examined different issues being faced by the Muslim community in India and presented it before government in a scientific manner. This made it a distinct institution which has no parallel in the country. More...

Shah Waliullah Award-2011 presented to Dr. M.K.A.Siddiqui

On 22 December, 2012 at Bhartiya Bhasha Parishad, Kolkata

A ceremony for the presentation of Hazrat Shah Waliullah Award of the IOS for the year 2011 on the topic “Sociology/Social Anthropology in Islamic Perspective” to Dr M.K.A. Siddiqui, a noted Anthropologist, took place in the glittering hall of the Bhartiya Bhasha Parishad at Shakaspeare Sarani, Kolkata on Dec. 22, 2012. The hall was fairly crowded and a large number of distinguished personalities from all walks of life in the city came to attend the event and to felicitate the scholar for his significant contribution in the field of Sociology and Social Anthropology. What distinguishes Dr. Siddiqui from other scholars is that he discusses apparently controversial and conflicting issues in convincingly logical and Islamic perspectives. A scroll of honour was presented to him along with a memento and a cheque of Rupees one lakh. All the speakers present, acknowledged Dr. Siddiqui’s academic achievements, his contribution as a scholar, researcher, and administrator and as an author of a number of books devoted to the topics of great contemporary relevance. His devotion to the cause of social harmony, inter-community relationship and the problem of socio-economic development, using the tools of sociology and cultural anthropology, through his numerous publications was admired by all the speakers in the meeting. More...

IOS Lecture by Justice Ahmadi on Growing Impunity and Declining Rule of Law

On December 9, 2012 at IOS Conference Hall, New Delhi

New Delhi, Dec. 9, 2012: “The rule of law has an inverse relationship with the public’s sense of impunity,” former Chief Justice of India, Justice A.M. Ahmadi, said here today at a special lecture at the IOS on the occasion of the 26th general assembly meeting of the Institute of Objective Studies.

The title of the lecture was “Increasing Impunity and Declining Rule of Law.” Fascist and communal organisations, whose functionaries spread hatred through their speeches and incite people to violence for political ends, are never bothered about any penal action, he said.

Giving examples of the current politics of lawlessness, he pointed out the insistence of Shiv Sena activists’ hooliganism regarding a proposed memorial for Bal Thackrey in Mumbai’s Shivaji Park and the illegal construction of a Hindu temple adjacent to the Charminar in Hyderabad as expressions of majoritarian impunity.

Interactive Session on Producing Teaching and Reference Material to support Academic Programmes in Islamic Perspective

Prof. Omar Hasan Kasule visited the IOS Headquarters on 23-24 November 2012 and interacted with the office bearers as well as academics and experts of various disciplines. On 23rd November Mr. Raju Mansukhani made a power-point presentation about emerging India. He specially focused on the educational scene in the country highlighting both, its merits and demerits, achievements and failure. He also focused on translation and publishing sector in India which has progressed by leaps and bound in the last few decades. He concluded that investment in education and publishing sectors was advisable.

Prof. Refaqat Ali Khan spoke about the difficulties and necessities of translation. Prof. Ishtiyaque Danish highlighted the fact that Muslim being knowledge deficient today need to benefit others and for doing so they need to translate in Urdu or the language they speak.

IOS/MA/PF/2013.1                                       January 5, 2013

The In charge Officer,
for suggesting possible amendments to
criminal and other relevant laws
New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

In response to the call of the HON’BLE JUSTICE J.S.VERMA COMMITTEE constituted for suggesting possible amendments to criminal laws and other relevant laws to provide for quicker trial and enhanced punishment for criminals accused of committing sexual assault of extreme nature against women in the back drop of the 16th December 2012 Gang Rape in Delhi which invoked unprecedented mass protests from the people, the INSTITUTE OF OBJECTIVE STUDIES (IOS), NEW DELHI is herewith submitting some suggestions for the consideration of the committee.

These are some of the suggestions which we could possibly submit within the given time frame. If some more assistance by way of research in the field is required in a special area, the IOS would be ready to render its services without any claim for finances.

Thanking you,
With warm regards,

(Dr. M. Manzoor Alam)

Encl.: Submission

IOS/MA/PF/2013.1                                      January 9, 2013

The In charge Officer,
for suggesting measures to improve safety and security of women in NCT of Delhi and NCR in the light of the 16th December 2010 Delhi Gang Rape Case
New Delhi

Dear Sir/Madam,

In response to the call of the HON’BLE JUSTICE USHA MEHRA COMMISSION constituted for suggesting measures to improve safety and security of women in NCT of Delhi and NCR in the light of the 16th December 2010 Delhi Gang Rape Case, which evoked unprecedented mass protests from the people, the INSTITUTE OF OBJECTIVE STUDIES (IOS), NEW DELHI is herewith submitting some suggestions for the consideration of the Commission.

These submissions are submitted within the given time frame. If some more assistance by way of research in the field is required in a special area, the IOS would be ready to render its services without any claim for financial compensation.

Thanking you,
With warm regards,

(Dr. M. Manzoor Alam)

Encl.: Submission

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