EDITOR's NOTE: The following is a sample of how India's anit-Muslim groups are trying to convince Israeli extremists that Muslims and Islam are to be shunned and vilified. The title of this piece is "Learn from our mistakes, Brother Israel…" Forget for a while the uncomfortable truth that these groups have always applauded Hitler's persecution of Jews. This is a good example of running with the hare and hunting with the hound. Here the Israelis are advised that they should be listeing to men like Rabbi Kahane, the Jewish equivalent of Praveen Togadia.

Co-existence with Arabs and Muslims is a nightmare. Indians learned that the hard way and, in the process, lost a third of our homeland to separatist Muslims. We are now faced with Pakistani jihadis out to take Kashmir away from us! We Indians are faced (with) a Muslim minority that is out to bring Hinduism to its knees. The lesson to be learned is that if you give a Muslim the inch, he come (sic!) back expecting the mile!

We let them integrate into Indian culture and now they're intent on converting us to Islam. We gave them one-third of India to make way for Pakistan and Bangladesh; Today they've come back for Kashmir. We let them enjoy the same rights as Hindus do in India and now they want to take over our land!

Let an Arab/Muslim park in your driveway and the next morning you'll find him having a barbeque party in your backyard (and eating YOUR food, to boot!)

Be  Sure  to  Elect  the  Right  Leaders!

In 1947, every self respecting Hindu was betrayed by the leaders of that time, Gandhi and Nehru. These minority-appeasing Leftist weasels led our country into shame by not even showing the remotest sign of standing up for Hinduism when it needed support the most. A spineless Leftist leader is all it takes to bring shame upon a country. What Rabbi Meir Kahane said was indeed right, "If you don't  chose Kahane, you'll get Arafat!" You should have heeded his warning 20 years ago!

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