Six-day Winter School Opens in Calicut

Calicut, January 1, 2021:  A six-day winter school (January 1-6, 2021) run by the Calicut chapter of Institute of Objective Studies was formally opened by EM Abdul Rahman, Chairman, Empower India Foundation Bangalore. Such endeavours of IOS are very much to be appreciated as the Muslim community in India is facing great cultural and political threats, said EM Abdul Rahman said in his inaugural speech. There are three forms of knowledge that empower the Muslims and revealed knowledge is the foremost among them, he added. He appealed to graduates and undergraduates attending the winter school to learn and interpret Islamic teachings using modern perspectives for the benefit of humanity. 

Dr. A.I Wilayatullah, department of Collegiate Education Kerala in his talk on “Islam, Faith and Civilisation” brought the attention of participants to the ongoing tussle between East and West and observed that Allah enjoins the believers to read, at least five times in the Quran. It is no surprise that Madina, the city of the Prophet, was also the city of light and it was a beacon of truth to the world, including the West, which was mired in darkness, superstitions and ignorance.  

We witness a knowledge explosion in the Arab lands with the advent of the Prophet and we see new cities coming up where liberal intellectualism has opened new avenues to the people of all classes. We, he said, see the river fronts of Baghdad bustling with new ideas, theories and agreements. Though dormant now, that intellectualism is still alive among the Muslims. The challenge is to restore the dynamism of thought and action. 

Talking about skill development, Aslam Perambra, a management consultant, detailed the basic principles of skill development. 

Prof. Abdul Rahman Baqavi, the principal of Sathyasarani College, Manjery, in his highly enlightening talk on the Quran said the holy book alone starts with command to read. He narrated the story of the prophets and noted that every prophet in Islam was taking the people to the idea of freedom and self-respect. Both are God-given rights no ruler or potentate can deny. The Quran is the yardstick that a believer can use to separate truth from untruth.

The response to the announcement about the winter school was overwhelming. The chapter had to restrict the intake to 40 participants taking students northern districts only.


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