IOS Chennai Chapter’s interactive session on “Role of Civil Societies in Upholding Communal Harmony”

IOS Chennai Chapter’s interactive session on “Role of Civil Societies in Upholding Communal Harmony”

IOS Chennai Chapter organised an interactive session on Saturday, September 17, 2022, at IOS Chennai office at 5:00 pm. at Darul Ihsan, 4, Zackria Colony 1st Street, Choolaimedu, Chennai. Dr. Inamul Hasan, spoke on the subject “Role of Civil Societies in Upholding Communal Harmony”.

The session was presided over by Ibnu Soud Shahabdeen, Member, IOS Chennai Chapter. The programme commenced with the recitation of a few verses from the Qur’an by Rafi Ahmed Khan. Mohamed Haneef Katib, Coordinator, IOS Chennai Chapter, introduced the speaker of the evening, Dr. Inamul Hasan, Convenor, Social Harmony Federation, Chennai, and fellow, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

Speaking on the subject, Dr. Inamul Hasan described that the role of civil society has assumed the position of the fifth pillar of democracy in addition to the executive, judiciary, legislative and the media. The strength of any democracy could be gauged by understanding the strength of civil society of that country. It ensures dignity of every citizen and gives voice to dissent against any aggression or repression ofthe rights of any individual, group or community of the country. Civil Society should endeavour to uphold the dignity of every citizen by ensuring their safe and secure existence in the State, he said. He briefly discussed the Indian constitutional values which include sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic and republic form of system ensuring justice, liberty, equality for every citizen. It should work as a catalyst to maintain an atmosphere of peace, equality and justice in society and adopt an inclusive approach to achieve the same, he further said. Working efficiently on the above agenda, the civil society should play a major role in maintaining communal harmony in the country, particularly in a country like ours, which is home to multiple religions and ethnicities. Talking about disharmony in society, he said it destroys the social fabric of any society, and thus it should be the priority of the civil society to try to ward off any destructive and divisive force which threatens it. 

He stressed that it is our duty to build bridges for reaching out to other communities and maintaining an atmosphere of peace and understanding. There are several groups and organizations in India that strive to uphold the democratic values, and we should join forces with them to create a lasting bond, which will ensure an atmosphere of harmony and justice, he concluded.

A lively interaction with the speaker raised several concerns with regard to the safety and security of minorities, particularly Muslims, in Indian society.  It was finally the unanimous understanding that we Muslims should play a bigger role in the civil society, which, among other things, will ensure a peaceful existence in this plural country of ours.

The session got concluded with remarks and vote of thanks by Advocate Muniruddin Shariff, Member, IOS Chennai Chapter. 


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