IOS Kolkata Chapter organizes Condolence Meeting on the demise of Dr. M.K.A. Siddiqui

IOS Kolkata Chapter organizes Condolence Meeting on the demise of Dr. M.K.A. Siddiqui

Dr. M.K.A. Siddiqui was a vast ocean of knowledge, a person with moral values and a valuable asset to the nation

Kolkata, July 28, 2022: Institute of Objective Studies, Kolkata Chapter, organised a condolence and prayer meet with the dignitaries and intellectuals of the city on Thursday July 28, 2022 to pay a tribute to Late Dr. Mohammad Khalil Abbas Siddiqui.

Dr. M. K. A. Siddiqui was one of the great personalities of Kolkata, who, throughout his life, guided the nation with his knowledge and scholarly works. His contributions in the field of social science and research will never be forgotten. His demise is a big loss, particularly for researchers and academicians. In recognition of his legacy and his selfless services towards the nation, it is our responsibility to organize a national seminar on his personality and his works. We should pay homage to him by publishing articles on him. The dignitaries and intellectuals at the meeting recalled all good memories that they have had with him in the past. He was the first guardian and former coordinator of the IOS Kolkata Chapter.

Imam-e-Eidain Quari Fazlur Rahman, presiding over the meeting, termed the demise of Dr. Siddiqui a great loss for the nation. He said that a seminar on Dr. Siddiqui’s life must be held, and its contents should be compiled and published for general public so that more people can benefit from his knowledge and academic researches.

On this occasion, Prof. Muhammad Mansoor Alam, former member of West Bengal Public Service Commission, said that even in this era, Dr. Siddiqui was the best example of moral values for us. He also added that Allah (SWT) bestowed countless human qualities in him. In his life, Dr. Siddiqui started a movement for promoting western science, art and English education among Muslims. He guided Muslims in various fields of life through his books and writings. Prof. Ghulam Sarwar said that Dr. Siddiqi was among those selfless and sincere people whose researches, scientific achievements and contributions towards the nation will be remembered for ages. Now it’s our duty to pass on his creations to the next generation and familiarise them with Dr. Siddiqui’s ideas.

Expressing his views on Dr. Siddiqui, Editor of Bengali newspaper ‘Qalam’ and former Member of Parliament, Ahmad Hasan Imran said that one of the important aspects of Dr. Siddiqui’s service is that he worked very hard to improve Hindu-Muslim relations, which brought good results. He wrote many books and articles to improve Muslims socially and economically, the result of which is also clearly visible in the Muslim community. With Dr. Siddiqui no longer among us, it is our responsibility to work towards the fulfilment of the dreams he saw.

Anwar Paremi, Director of Sir Syed Group of Schools, said that late Dr. Siddiqi’s life was characterized by movements and actions. He was an ocean of knowledge, and the light he lit will continue to shine and benefit generations to come. Muhammad Nasir, a well-known social activist of the City of Joy, said on this occasion that Dr. Siddiqui had a caring heart for Muslims. The scholarly feat he accomplished will continue to provide guidance for generations. Khawaja Ahmed Hussain said that the void created by the demise of Dr. Siddiqui won’t be filled easily. Dr. Alfiya Tundawala said that Dr. Siddiqui was a very humble person, who always encouraged junior scholars like her. He used to listen to all our questions and queries and answer them with great patience. Hasnain Imam, Nausheen Baba Khan and Ghulam Muhammad, etc., also expressed their views in this condolence meeting. Shakeel Abbas Siddiqui, son of Dr. Siddiqui, presented Dr. M.K.A Siddiqui’s books to the audience. 

At the end of the program, Dr. Sabah Ismail Nadvi, Chief Administrator of Jibreel International School, read out the minutes of the programme to the audience, which included the following points:

  1. On the death of the renowned scholar and writer, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Khalil Abbas Siddiqui, tributes were paid to him in a condolence and prayer meeting organised by the Institute of Objective Studies, Kolkata Chapter on 28 July 2022. In the meeting, his valuable scientific and scholarly research works were appreciated.
  2. Late Prof. Dr. Mohammad Khalil Abbas Siddiqui was an ocean of knowledge and a precious asset to the nation. His death is a great loss to the nation. A national seminar on the personality and services of late Dr. Siddiqui will be organised in the month of November-December 2022 by Institute of Objective Studies, Kolkata Chapter, and a souvenir would be published on that occasion.
  3. We should try to publish books containing articles written on Dr. Siddiqui by his contemporaries, and these books should be published in Hindi, Urdu and Bengali. 
  4. The research books of late Dr. Siddiqui should be made available to the public.
  5. All the books of the late Dr. Siddiqui should be uploaded on the website of IOS in the form of e-books so that the new generation can also benefits from them and his research and compilations should be made available for any research work at the global level.
  6. IOS should start a research series in the name of late Prof M.K.A. Siddiqui, and scholarships should be issued in his name for research scholars associated with the Department of Social Sciences.

Mr. Abul Basit Ismail, Coordinator IOS Kolkata Chapter, presented the official vote of thanks. 


IOS Condolence on the demise of Prof. M. K. A. Siddiqui

New Delhi, July 21, 2022: With immense grief and sorrow, the Chairman, office-bearers, and members of staff of the Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi, offers its condolence on the sad demise of Prof. (Dr.) M.K.A. Siddiqui, who passed away yesterday night at his residence at Kolkata, after a prolonged illness.

Born on January 20, 1929, Prof. Sidddiqui had a Master's Degree in Sociology and a Ph.D. in Anthropology. He had earlier graduated with Honours in Persian and had obtained a Master's Degree in Urdu from the Calcutta University, securing first class first in both the examinations. Dr. Siddiqui was associated with the Anthropological Survey of India since 1953 and held the post of Ex-Superintending Anthropologist.  He was awarded Senior Fellowship of the ICSSR in 1988. He later joined the Asiatic Society as Research Professor in 1994. Prof. Siddiqui devoted major part of his career in Anthropological research, carrying out field investigations among the tribal communities and folk and urban societies. Among the books he has published include: 'Muslims of Calcutta: A Study in Aspects of their Social Organization’, 'Hindustan ke Adivasi' and 'The Didayi: A Forgotten Tribe of Orissa', 'Inter-caste and inter-community relationship: Developing patterns' etc. He has contributed more than 75 research articles in different academic journals.

Prof. Siddiqui was deeply associated with the Institute of Objective Studies since its inception, and has been member of its governing council, and Coordinator of IOS Kolkata Chapter for a long period of time.

Prof. M. K. A. Siddiqui immensely contributed in IOS programmes and successfully accomplished several projects related to Sociology and Social Anthropology. He produced a series on "An Encyclopedic Compendium of Muslim Communities in the World" (in 5 Volumes) for the IOS, besides some important books such as “Institutions & Associations of the Muslims in Calcutta, “Muslims in Free India: Their Social Profile and Problems”, “Life in the Slums of Calcutta”, “Voluntary Associations of the Muslims in Calcutta”, “Marginal Muslim Communities in India”, “Hindu-Muslim Understanding” and “Social & Cultural Empowerment of Muslims in India” etc.

He was the recipient of the 9th IOS Shah Waliullah Award for his contributions in Sociology and Social Anthropology in Islamic Perspective conferred on him on December 22, 2012 at Kolkata.

May Allah SWT, accept all his good deeds, and grant him with His choicest place in Jannatul Firdaus, and give sabr to his family at this great loss. Aamin.


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