IOS Calicut Chapter organises seminar on Prof. Ismail Raji al- Faruqui

IOS Calicut Chapter organises seminar on Prof. Ismail Raji al- Faruqui

Calicut: The scholars, who spoke in the seminar organised by IOS Calicut Chapter here on May 7, 2022, said that late Ismail Raji Al-Faruqui, a Palestine-born American writer and philosopher belonged to the rare breed of thinkers who could present Islam as an ideology for the emancipation of the human race.

Khaled Musa Nadvi, in his key–note address, said that Dr. al-Faruqui could diagnose, around forty years ago, the malaise affecting the Muslim ummah. In the seminal work Al-Tawhid: Its Implications for Thought and Life,   he observed that the Muslim community was the   unhappiest community in the world. “I find no reason to question that assumption”, Kahaled Musa Nadvi continued.  But Al- Faruqui also said the concept of Unity of God alone was the formula to be used by the ummah to come out of this unhappiness and angst. Through creative reading and thinking,   Muslims can restore happiness in knowledge, philosophy and ideology. Individual happiness could then be transferred to the family, society and the nation.

Dr. C Habeeba, scholar and motivator, said that the fact Al-Tawhid was translated into Malayalam language long ago shows how intellectually vibrant Kerala Muslims are. Only a patient and academically curious person could understand the full meaning of the work. However Al-Faruqui says that the failure of the community results from its wanderings away from the principle of unity of God. The gravity of his arguments might be one reason why Al-Tawhid still remains one of the highly influential works, she said.

The second editions of the Malayalam translation of Al-Tawhid: Its Implications for Thought and Life and Life and Purpose of Knowledge was also released on the occasion. P T Kunhali, the convener of the programme welcomed the audience. Prof P Koya, E M Sadiq, and Ahmed Sahal were present.


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