Article 138(b) and 143 of Indian Constitution Sham e Muzakarah by Mushtaq Ahmad, Adv.


IOS Lecture on "Indian Constitution "


NEW DELHI, January 9: The Constitution of India is one of the greatest constitutions of the world as it embodies all the features of the International Bill of Rights, former solicitor general of India Harish Salve observed here last evening at the India International Centre.

Delivering a lecture on “The International Bill of Rights and the Indian Constitution”, Mr. Salve said a distinguished feature of the Constitution was that it ensured the rule of law and made it incumbent on the Supreme Court to guard the Fundamental Rights of citizens.

Making a mention of the rights of minorities, children, prisoners and environment, he remarked the Constitution covered all of these. He said the Constitution had made it mandatory for the state to encourage equal and uninterrupted development of all sections of the citizenry. He expressed concern over political corruption as it could subvert the best of constitutional ideals.

 Justice A.S. Quraishi, formerly of the Gujarat High Court, presided over the programme. He held that citizens’ Fundamental Rights were being easily encroached upon despite constitutional safeguards. He emphasised upholding the spirit of the Constitution. He lamented the judiciary’s prejudices and cited the example of TADA (Terrorist and Disruptive Activities [Prevention] Act), which was used against a particular community on petty pretexts. The judiciary, he observed failed to take note of this.

The event was the third in a series of lectures on Indian Constitution organised by the Institute of Objective Studies (IOS), a New Delhi-based NGO.


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