Discussions, Lectures and Sham-e-Muzakarah (Monthly Lecture/Discussion) Programmes in 1991

Discussions, Lectures and Sham-e-Muzakarah (Monthly Lecture/Discussion) Programmes in 1991





1 Eighth Five Year Plan of India: Some Socio-Economic Dimensions
(Prof. Devendra B. Gupta)
09 February, 1991 New Delhi
2 The First Arab Principality within the Pandayan Empire
(Dr. Asadullah Khan)
February, 1991 Madras
3 Qurani Taalimat Aur Milli Masail: Surah Yusuf Ki Roshni Mein 09 March,  1991 New Delhi
4 Synopsis for Study of Economics from Islamic Perspective
(Dr. A. I. Rahmatullah )
21 April, 1991 Calicut
5 Relevance and Prospects of Reservations Communities Front (Dr. M. K. Raghavan ) 21 May, 1991 Kodungallur "Trichur"
6 Co-Education in Muslim Society
(Dr. M. A. Quddus )
05 June, 1991 Patna
7 Malabar Rebellion of 1921-A Re Appraisal
(Prof. T. Abdur Rahman)
07 July, 1991 Calicut
8 Consumer Bahaviour in Islamic Perspective
(Prof. T. Abdur Rahman)
July, 1991 Madras
9 India's New Economic Policy and Its Impact (Mr. J. Rekhu ) 01 September, 1991 Calicut
10 Law and Society in Modern Pakistan: Impressions of a Visiting Foreign Scholar
(Mr. Martin Lau)
07 September, 1991 New Delhi
11 Influence of Sensational Journalism with Particular Reference to Kerala
(Mr. Karakkunu )
12 Sufism (Prof. Ahmad Kutty) 13 October, 1991 Velahmadukunn
( Cannanore )
13 Evangelism through Service-An Analytical Study of Christ's Missionary Activities 01 December, 1991 Calicut
14 Vocational Training and I.T.I.
(Dr. M.A. Quddus )
08 December, 1991 Patna

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